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Sessions And Pricing

Gil is currently booked up for private sessions until June 2024. If you would like to be on a waiting list for a private session with Gil, email us at

Private sessions can be purchased from the packages listed below but not limited to these, as all sessions and packages can be customized on individual need.  Some sessions require a FREE Discovery Call consultation so we can talk and decide if the session is right for your particular needs. You can reserve a consultation by emailing us at



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One Hour Intuitive Guidance Session - $497

This 1-Hour Intuitive Guidance session is best for exploring a single challenge where I will work with your guides and my guides to get the answers to your questions - we will find the next essential step you must take in transforming your challenge. All sessions are conducted by phone or zoom. Includes personal follow-up with me through email for 30 days.

Meet Your Spirit Guides 3-Hour Intensive - $997

A deep 3-hour private intensive that’s perfect for those who have never had contact with their Spirit Guides as well as for professionals who may be experiencing some loss of connection. With your guides we will discover the answers to your most important questions. These sessions can be designed to fit your needs, that’s why scheduling a free consultation is important.

Free Consultation

Newly Arriving Souls - $1500

Meet Your Future Children and Fall In Love! These very special souls have amazing insights to share with you. They can better prepare you for their arrival more than any book on parenting. Even if you’re experiencing challenges in achieving pregnancy or grieving from a miscarriage - your future children can help uncover the true root cause and guide you toward achieving a viable pregnancy.

When we work together I will be working with you on a very personal and intimate level - your privacy is held in high regard. Although there are time limitations set for our sessions, I always stay with you until you get what is needed. This is why I offer follow-up time between us for all sessions and packages.

Working Together

Payment Plans

I also offer payment plans for those in need so feel free to ask about this during your consultation and we’ll discuss the options available to you.

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A fantastic in-depth 30-Day Private 1:1 series with Gil that is likely to be the most eye opening, inspiring, revealing, and transformational spiritual experience you'll ever have. This is a Private Series will give you a super strong foundation to communicate with your Spirit Guides and connect to the infinite wisdom of your own unique Inner Guidance.  This package requires a FREE 1-Hour consultation. .