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This is a rare and unique opportunity to work with me and your Spirit Guides on such a deep intimate level where the cumulative effect of our time together will produce such stunning results that I can absolutely guarnatee your life will change forever - and your new awareness will continue to grow and expand with every new passing year.

30-Days One-On-One

The fastest, most effective, powerful, and sustainable way to connect to your own unique Inner Guidance is through your amazing team of spirit Guides.

Through this simple connection to your Spirit Guides you will not only have access to the infinite wisdom of your own Inner Guidance for making everyday decisions, but the step by step guidance to help transform any area of your life!

Meeting Your Angels

After meeting your Spirit Guides you'll have an opportunity to connect to your wonderful loving Angels! You will meet yoru personal Angels and take a special little journey with them. We never know what the Angels will want to show you until its actually happening, but its always something special and unique.

Healing Through Past Lives

You will explore at least two amazing past life journeys that will provide a wealth of new understanding and perspective to who you are and where you have been.  A unique opportunity to transform any negative energy from a past life that is still affecting your current life while using the positive aspects from one of your most happy and joyful past lives to enhance your current life.

Meet Yourself in a Parallel Universe

This is a unique opportunity to meet the highest vibrational frequency verson of yourself playing out in  a parallel Universe. You will experience yourself without all the baggage and self judgment you've been carrying around in your current life so you can witness your true potential.  This is a "Blow Your Mind Experience" that will serve you in a multitude of ways.

Discover Your Pre-Life Birth Plan

Here you will return to yourself as pure spirit consciousness while looking in on your own life through the eyes and heart of spirit. You will discover what you came into this life to experience as yoru prime objective and how to better align with what your soul had chosen for you before entering this new life - it will answer many questions for you.

Soul to Soul Communication

This is one of the most profound and effective ways to resolve conflicts in personal and professional relationships in the most non-confrontational way.  Imagine being able to talk to the soul energy and consciousness of anyone - to be able to have truthful, open, sincere, and loving conversations; bypassing the human walls we often put up to hide our vulnerabilities, fears, and insecurities. This process is so incredibly effective tha tyou can sometimes experience its affects in minutes.

Guide Journaling

You will also learn how to use a simple journaling process to communicate with your Spirit Guides that will strenghten your telepathic communication with them.  This process allows you to receive entire downloads of information in a format you can refer back to for years to come.  I will be monitor your progress through this process to ensure you are receiving true guidance and I'll teach you how to go deeper asking more nuanced and detailed questions in order to receive more detailed information.

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How the program works...

Our private sessions together will take place over zoom. We will journey through between 8-10 sessions together.

Each of our sessions will range from 1-Hour up to 2-Hours depending on the material were covering and how quickly the information is coming through.

I'm calling this a 30-Day program but it could run longer depending on your availability - however the program needs to be completed between 30 - 60 days.

This program is designed to be flexible in order to accomodate the unique needs of each person.

At these amazing transformative experiences you'll have during our 30-days together.


2 Frequently Asked Questions.

Do I need any prior training to take this program?

There is no prerequisite or prior experience needed to take this program! This intensive has been designed as both an entry level experience and advanced experience that will produce a deeper connection to your Spirit Guides and an profound perspective of awareness regardless of your prior experience.

Can everyone connect to their Spirit Guides?

YES!  Everyone can connect to their Spirit Guides. It takes no special ability or super powers or divine gifts. Being able to connect with your Spirit Guides is innate to your very existence. Its a apart of your spiritual DNA. In fact, you have already been receiving messages from your guides throughout your entire life, you just haven't been aware of it.



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No matter what your current experience of life, the truth is that we are all masters - you only need to allow the unlimited potential of who you truly are to shine through. You can empower your human experience with expanded awareness by tapping in to the master within.

As a master you can navigate through life using multiple perspectives to achieve inner peace even when everything around you is in chaos. When you change your perception of reality the Universe will reflect that new reality back to you - for you do not exist within the Universe, the Universe exists within you!




The single most powerful and essential element in cultivating a life of greater joy, self love, inner peace, healing, abundance, and creating miracles is to be your own Source Of Guidance.

Learning to access your own unique Inner Guidance through your Spirit Guides is the foundation for becoming your own source of guidance and mastering your own existence.  Once you are able to connect to your own Inner Guidance you will be tapped into the realm of infinite posibilities while co-creating with the universe.  It doesn't get any better than that.

By the end of this program YOU WILL have a solid connection to your Spirit Guides and the infinite wisdom and guidance that will serve you for the rest of your life. These are the Masters tools.

What you'll Discover... had the Infinite Guidance and Support neccessary to help you transform all areas of your life?

Imagine what your life would feel like if...

A 30-Day Journey Through The Essence of Spirit



Imagine if you could function at a level where you natrually attract synchronicities.

what you would like to transform, and how this program can get you to where you want to be!



"The level of awareness that I've achieved in working with Gil and my guides has changed my life in such a wonderful, wonderful way, I've never been happier. Gil knows how to get the exact results that we're looking for."

"One of the most significant things about working with Gil is that I was doing the work myself and having the experience through Gil's expert guidance. I felt fearless and ready to take on any situation in life that came up."

"Gil is the bridge that connects you to your guides so that you can tap into their unlimited wealth of wisdom, knowledge, and guidance. And once you do that, you feel like you can do anything and there is no going back."

Clients express their experience of working privately with Gil.

A Rare and Unique Opportunity

Meet Your Team Of Spirit Guides

You Feel Like You Can Do Anything

I've Never Been Happier.

I Felt Fearless.

Let's talk about what's happening in your life...

An intimate series of Private Sessions, just you and me, and your Spirit Guides, as we guide you through an evolutionary journey to become your own source of guidance and awaken the master within.

If you're here and have gotten this far, I know you are ready for a major life transformation.

Whether life circumstances are forcing you into a transition, or you are simply craving the excitement and creation of your next chapter... you will experience such a profound shift in consciousness through this program, you will not only level up your mindset, you will actually reprogram your DNA.

Learning to Ask And Recieve Guidance

Once you understand what your guides are here to help you with it's time to begin seeking guidance! Your Spirit Guides will advise you on how to begin moving forward in the critical areas of your life, taking the next essential step in order to move forward. You will experience the process of asking for guidance and receiving it.

Meeting Your Spirit Guides

You will be guided into a very deep state of relaxation, making it easy for you to connect with your Spirit Guides. You will spend a little time getting to know them and getting use to their energetic frequency. Communicating with Your Spirit Guides is the key to accessing your infinite self which is your true multidimensional nature.




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Working with me and your Spirit Guides for only one day is enough to experience a major shift in counsciousness, but 30-Days... that's insane. There is nothing else like this on a private one-on-one level that I know of, especially at this price point.

Experience a Major Shift