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Reunite with your Departed Loved Ones.

Did you know you could easily connect to your Departed Loved Ones on your own? It's easier thank you think. You dont't have to be a psychic or a medium - YOU can do it all on your own, and I can show you how in this short but powerful course!



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What transpired in my session was far more than I ever Imagined could be posible. It was beyond explanation.

Trust & know that there are angels living among us. Gil's work is significant and he is indeed "insanely gifted."

I love having my own team of Spirit Guides and mentors that are always there for me whenever I need them.



"My past lives have revealed so much to me...

"The level of awareness that I've achieved in working with Gil and my guides has changed my life in such a wonderful, wonderful way, I've never been happier. Gil knows how to get the exact results that we're looking for."

"One of the most significant things about working with Gil is that I was doing the work myself and having the experience through Gil's expert guidance. I felt fearless and ready to take on any situation in life that came up."

"Gil is the bridge that connects you to your guides so that you can tap into their unlimited wealth of wisdom, knowledge, and guidance. And once you do that, you feel like you can do anything and there is no going back."

Clients express their experience of working privately with Gil.

You Feel Like You Can Do Anything

I've Never Been Happier.

I Felt Fearless.

Ever since I began my journey along the spiritual path, I've wondered about what spirit guides are, how they work, and how to communicate with them. Although I'd never had any conscious interactions with my guides, I really wanted to learn more about them.

Gil led me through an incredibly wonderful experience where I was able to connect with my spirit guides on my own, interact with them, and learn more about myself in the process. It was a fantastic journey.

Gil has a huge heart and an amazing gift of being able to connect to other spiritual realms and dimensions.  He utilizes this wonderful gift of his with great passion and respect, creating a very sacred space.  The first half of the experience was very calm and relaxing, and that set the stage for me to enter a dimension that I had never experienced before. In this dimension, I met my spirit guides and learned quite a bit about who they are, what they are here to teach me, and who I really am.

During the second half of the experience, I experienced several of my past lives and discovered what lessons I'm here to learn in this lifetime.  I was even able to visit alternate versions of myself in  Parallel Universes  and what those different versions mean for me in this present moment.  The whole experience of this session was a truly incredible journey and I feel extremely blessed to know Gil and to have had this amazing opportunity to work with him.

Love & Light,


Venice, California

BreathWork Instructor

Thank you, Gil...  There simply are not words to adequately describe all that your amazing sessions provide. Yet I'll try...

I experienced a deep sense of connection to all that is, all that has been, and all that is to be. A radically honed understanding of what I am here to contribute and how beautifully all of the people, places, occurrences, and experiences of my life weave together to assist me in being and making that contribution.

Through Quantum Jumping I now understand the freedom and power that comes from connecting to the Highest & Best possible version of myself and knowing I can draw from that version of myself anytime, anywhere.

I can now experience the undeniable peace that comes from knowing I am Divinely guided, provided for and protected, always and in all ways. A delightful sense of curiosity around what comes next as these newly revealed partnerships unfold, deepen and expand.

All blessings of immeasurable proportions. All blessings with untold and yet to be explored positive implications. All blessings. Thank you, thank you, Gil... For who you are and the life you've designed this go around. So glad we chose to be here at the same time!

With love & immense gratitude,

Wendy (and Dahlia, Marson, Tomas, J and Xavier)

Lake Balboa, California

The whole experience was a truly incredible journey

I experienced a deep sense of connection to all that is

I'm not fearful anymore and you were a HUGE part of that

Gil - I can’t even begin to describe how I feel today - PURE EXCITEMENT. I have to admit I’ve had a TOTAL shift in consciousness – but at the same time it isn’t all that foreign.  This feels comfortable – and feels like “AHHH – Finally I’m here”. 

Spiritually I feel really good – but my human mind is going WHOA!!!!!!  Does that make sense?  I’m sure it does on some level.  I’m truly looking forward to this new life of mine. 

It was difficult to come to work today, and has been difficult to work at all!!! I want to totally submerge myself into this whole life and sharpen my skills and my knowledge of the different energies. I just can’t begin to describe how overwhelmed, excited, and RELIEVED I am.  Relieved that I always knew there was something different about me for SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long – and now I know why.  And now I can embrace it and serve my purpose.

I’m not fearful anymore – and you were a HUGE part of that. You put an incredible amount of heart and soul into what you’re doing and you can tell you’re very passionate about it.

Gil – from the bottom of my heart and my soul. I want to say THANK YOU.  You have been a tremendous blessing in my life!

Kelly West

Los Angeles, California

Gil is a genuine, sincere, heartfelt, and very powerful soul

I ’ve been lost and wondering the earth seeking direction.    I'm not quite sure how Gil entered into my life, but I do know that since he has, I have gained a much greater amount of clarity and direction.  For those who don't know Gil, let me just say... He is a genuine, sincere, heartfelt, and very powerful soul. His heart and intentions are pure. His ability to connect with clarity is unlike anything I've ever seen.

My work with Gil, has lead me into 5 of my past lives. This has given me the opportunity to reflect upon the decisions & consequences of those lives. This allowed me to see a reoccurring pattern, an issue that must be addressed in this lifetime.

In an average session with an average healer, you are taken back into one past life. This is beneficial as it opens you up to reflect on one entire life’s worth of decisions and complications, leading to a clearer understanding of how we got to this point.

However, Gil Alan takes the cake!! His techniques are the most advanced I’ve witnessed or heard of!

With Gil’s work, you can be taken back into MULTIPLE LIVES and UNIVERSES, giving an unreal amount of clarity. When reflecting upon multiple lives instead of only one, this allows us to see the bigger picture, the reoccurring patterns. What were here to change!

If you are having any doubts in working with, Gil - TRUST & KNOW that there are ANGELS living among us. There is no doubt that his work is significant and that he is indeed “insanely gifted”.

He has forever changed my life and I am eternally grateful.

Cody Jones


I can go inside and know the truth and correct path to take

My session with Gil was profoundly life changing… and that’s a pretty strong statement coming from someone who went into the experience with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Discovering my spirit guides has allowed me to tap into an ancient well of knowledge and inspiration that has already manifested opportunities, answers, empowerment, and emotional contentment that I was struggling so hard to bring forth on my own.

Everything is flowing much more easily now. I can see connections that I missed before. I can go inside and know that the truth and the correct path to take in any situation will be revealed with complete clarity and love.

Soon after my session with Gil, I found myself in an intimidating work situation that would have caused me great stress before. But with my main spirit guide so present and supportive in my consciousness, I found myself confidently sharing my knowledge and instantly able to answer any question that came up and performing at a level I had never performed at before in my work.

My personal relationships have also improved as I can now see everyone around me with a new sense of appreciation as fellow spirits sharing the journey with me through this lifetime. I can understand now that we all have a different purpose and different lessons to learn and my job is to help others however I can rather than force them to see things as I do. I feel open to deeper connections with the people who were already in my life and the new and exciting friendships that my spirit guides seem to be sending my way.

I also have less fear. I trust that what is happening is what is supposed to be happening and that if something isn’t right for me, I’ll be able to tune into the messages telling me to let something go or move in a new direction.

Ultimately, what I can say about my experience with Gil is that it allowed me to make an amazing quantum leap toward my highest self and the journey is only accelerating moment by moment as my relationships with my Spirit Guides continues to grow.

Bridget Sampson

Los Angeles, California

Working with Gil has shifted my entire outlook on life

To put it simply, it is impossible not to experience a life-changing shift when working with Gil.  The work that he does is deeply powerful, moving, authentic, and I can’t reiterate enough how much gratitude and respect I have for Gil and the work he does. 

Like many others I’m sure, I’ve been on a spiritual quest for many, many years and have met a large number of teachers, speakers, authors as well as attending numerous seminars and workshops etc.

But I really don’t think anything has had the same impact on not just my spiritual quest, but also on my day-to-day life in general.   When I worked with Gil, the visceral experience of connecting with my Spirit Guides and finding answers to my questions from a deeper place within myself, has shifted my entire outlook on life.

Prior to that experience, I had a type of general belief in the possibility of the fact that I might have Spirit Guides, or that the universe could give me messages and information when I needed it, but I now KNOW that it is true, and this feeling is just amazing!!

It’s also a rare thing these days to find a teacher that teaches from a place of true authenticity and works in state of ego-abatement, with the entire focus being on the highest good of the individual.  I also really love that what he does, is teach people to do this for themselves, which is where the really powerful long-term impact lies.

And just so you’ll know... If you want to make him really happy, he loves cookies!

Eileen Meehan

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Our work together was utterly amazing and transformative

Gil - I want to thank you for the amazing, amazing work you did with me! How can I possibly express my gratitude - You gave me so much time and energy, and you were so kind, loving, and patient throughout it all...

Our work together was so utterly amazing and transformative. It gave me such a powerful boost forward on my healing journey. My spirit guides have been in constant contact with me, and I have made tremendous progress with even more profound shifts and healing since our session.

I am very grateful to you and it feels like a blessing that I met you when I did. I have never run into anyone else who does this kind of work on such a deeply profound and life-altering level. I really honor you and the work that you do, it's quite amazing... it's so incredibly accelerating! So thank you again for the great work and for being you.

Many Blessings to You,

Regina Perlmutter LCSW  

Gil - Wow! I am feeling such great love and gratitude for you. Yes indeed, there is no turning back. I feel incredibly different. You are a great teacher, coach and guide.... and friend to "all that is".  Bless you for going the extra distance with me, what a difference that made.

I want to continue this work with you. I know you understand how extraordinary I feel right now! Something is calling me, compelling me to keep going.

I’m on a road I and I must continue and see this through. I want to thank you so much for all your guidance in showing me how to open my channel and helping me connect to my spirit guides and my guardian angel. I am so deeply grateful for your patience and your intuitive knowledge and wisdom on how to best guide me through my previous incarnations and interpreting my guides messages.

The idea of getting help, love, and support from former incarnations of myself is just an overwhelming feeling. I already feel a divine shift in the knowing of my being.

My session was just amazing and it has expanded my consciousness in a most heartfelt way. You are a most authentic Channel and Guide, Gil…..

Bless you Brother

Love to all

Les Coulter

San Pedro, California

My session was just amazing, I already feel a divine shift

Gratitude for Gil - I feel so much gratitude for Gil’s presence in my life.  He is a deeply gifted lightworker, and an incredibly generous, creative soul.  Over the years he has helped me more than I could ever express.

I have witnessed and experienced his profound communication and connection with the other side on so many occasions – far too many to list.  He is undoubtedly deeply connected to the spirit realm.  

Here is just one recent example of how he has helped me.  When I came to Gil for a session I was struggling with an important decision that had to be made.  I was certain of how I felt, but I didn’t trust myself to keep my resolve.  I couldn’t tell whether I was being guided by fear or intuition.  I was so plagued with doubt that any inner message or guidance I felt I was receiving, I couldn’t help but dismiss because of my own overwhelming fear and anxiety.

I had been injured at work and was experiencing severe carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands.  By the time I had my session with Gil I’d been dealing with this injury for two years.  Every doctor I’d been to insisted that my only option was surgery.  The pressure from the lawyers and the doctors to have the surgery was incredibly intense, and since I was in such severe pain and not getting better, I started to break down and feel like I had no other choice than to have the surgery.  Yet it always felt like the wrong path to take.  

Within minutes of meeting with Gil he was able to hear my guides shouting a resounding “NO! Do not have the surgery!”  It was precisely the kind of affirmation I needed in that moment. Gil explained that I need to push beyond the pain and continue my life as though everything were normal until my body would understand that I was not accepting this injury and then it would begin to let go and the injury would vanish.  My injury is now healing and I am getting better with each and every day.

Our session opened with that incredible affirmation and insight, and then only got better and more interesting after that.  One of the best things about how Gil works is that he empowers you to hear your own guides and make your own choices.  I had met my primary spirit guide some years ago when I was first attuned to Reiki.  I spoke to her often and felt her presence with me as I channeled and did my healing work.  But then something happened and suddenly I couldn’t hear or feel her anymore.

I am so grateful to Gil for putting me back in touch with her.  Now our connection is much stronger than ever before.  I also got to meet a whole team of other guides that I had no idea existed.  We even journeyed back to seeing how we’d been connected in past lives.  A totally fascinating and amazing experience!

On another awesome occasion in working with Gil, he spoke to my yet-to-be-born children in the spirit realm that were waiting to come in.  I’ve had sporadic contact with one of them over the years, but have never been able to hear them with the clarity that Gil can.  

This was one of those beyond, beyond, beyond, amazingly awesome experiences to be able to connect and converse with them.  Can you even imagine being able to speak to your yet-to-be-born children, to make plans with them, to share with them, to understand who they are, what prior connections we’ve had in past lives, knowing what they will be like before they are even born, and what challenges we may face!!?? This was an unbelievable experience to say the least I feel so very lucky that Gil was there to receive their messages and convey them to me.    

I could write endless testimonials for all the times that Gil has helped me and been a guiding light in my life.

I highly recommend that you make the journey with him.  It will change and shape you in beautiful ways.

Metta to you Gil.  Thank you!         

Vanessa M. Rydquist

Louisville, Colorado       

Gil spoke to my yet to be born children in the spirit realm

Dear Gil, Thank you so much for sharing this incredible gift you have with me.

I know that connecting with my spirit guides and communicating with them has already had a very significant influence on my life. I love having my own team of guides and mentors that are always there for me whenever I need them.

My past lives have revealed so much to me about who I am and I feel so much more connected to everything and everyone around me, and I have more confidence and peace than ever before.

You are a truly amazing person, Gil, and the people who are lucky enough to have you in their lives are the recipients of a very precious gift! Keep sharing and helping as many people as you can, it is clearly what you are here to do! So much gratitude!

Much Love,

Angela Fentiman

Sherman Oaks, California

My past lives have revealed so much to me

Sometimes someone special comes along who really gets it.  Gil Alan is that man.  No fuss, no effort.  He makes everything easy and accessible whilst simultaneously traversing the deep, dark murky waters of your soul and allowing you to find the "aha" moments that will help you to heal and transform your life.  

If you're ready to drop the crap and want a happier, healthier future, book a session with Gil before you do anything else today.  Seriously!

Mel Claus  

Naturopath/Nutritionist/Herbalist/Reiki Practitioner/NLP life coach

Melbourne, Australia

He makes everything easy and accessible

I was blown away and bedazzled by everything

Gil - How do I express my gratitude and my shear amazement! What I experienced, or should I say, what we experienced together was nothing short of astonishing!

You took me to places I didn’t even know were possible to get to. It was exhilarating and thrilling, what an emotional roller-coaster! You said it would offer me a shift in consciousness and it certainly did, to say the least. I’m still feeling the effects.

The day after our session, I was so blown away and just bedazzled by everything we discovered, I didn’t even know what to do with myself, haha. But this week has been great, I feel lighter and freer than ever before, and I am now aware of my guides and other spirits, and I can hear them communicating with me.

I now understand my path and my soul lessons! I am so very thankful to you for doing what you do and for your generosity and kindness - you are a beautiful person. You have changed my life and I am very, very grateful to you.

Thank you sincerely! Have a long and happy life, Gil - You deserve it!

Becky W.

Eugene, Oregon

Dear Gil, I’m not sure I can properly express how deeply I was affected by my session with you. I figured that after our phone conversation I was going to get a standard reading that would hit upon some basic generalities and was reluctant to go further.

But I was shocked that you and my guides went straight to my core issues, personal things I haven’t told anyone and have been privately living and suppressing for a long time.

I feel like somehow you unlocked the door of potential for me. I was so moved by the channel you wrote for me that I cried for a long time after reading it through. It was very emotional for me, but very freeing at the same time. I left my office early that afternoon and went straight home. That night I decided to quit my job and make some other very necessary changes in my life.

I can’t begin to thank you enough for helping to set me free. You really have an amazing gift Gil, and I feel lucky to have crossed your path.  A thousand thank you’s, and more!


San Francisco, CA

You unlocked the door of potential for me

I traveled 1600 miles to work with Gil

Gil Alan introduced me to myself. For years I wandered confused and curious, feeling like there was something larger than what this human experience was offering me.

I had traveled 1,600 miles to work with, Gil… not knowing that my life would change in ways that would erase all fear, doubt, and curiosity of the esoteric realm and my inner universe.

My search for Enlightenment was thrusted forward just hours after meeting Gil.  Our day together was a condensed version of a thousand years or more.

I now know Gil, as a modest and humble man... with only the desire to help us remember what we already know. There is no teaching from him, it is his incredibly confident way in guiding that allows you to let go and complete what your soul is seeking. Our session has allowed me to open my awareness to another process of communication that once seemed so unattainable and for those considered gifted.

I couldn't write this without telling you the changes in my life in just the past 5 months since our session. My husband was murdered and I was feeling disconnected and overwhelmed with my four children and the responsibilities of being a single mother. We owned a business where my husband was the main artist and so we lost everything... after he was gone, but out of that dark place in my life a spark of light began a spiritual transformation that led me to Gil Alan and his amazing willingness to share something larger than you can even possibly imagine...

I met Yeyo, my higher self, oh, I met others too, but since this is no book, I will share with you some amazing things that have changed in my life as a result of my session with Gil.

I now understand when my spirit guides are guiding! I am aware and understand the intrinsic nature of my feelings. My anxieties have been erased and at times I feel invincible. The very best part is that no one told me anything, so the beliefs I hold are completely my own. I have followed my own guidance and awakened to a consciousness much more alive than I understood prior to the day I made the connection with Gil Alan and trusted in that 'gut feeling'   ;)

If you are searching for an experience to change your life, then you are definitely reading


Honey Joles

Jefferson City, Missouri

I have had the pleasure of working with Gil on a couple of different occasions.  I had a deep desire to explore my own ability to connect with my Spirit Guides, as I felt they were trying to contact me - yet I had no idea how to take it to the next level!

Gil meticulously walked me through the steps of meeting my guides, as I stumbled several times.  He helped me overcome my concerns with trusting myself, and being open to allowing my guides to come forward!  And that’s exactly what happened!

With Gil’s guidance I was able to meet my primary and secondary guides, and, in connecting with my higher self - I can ‘speak’ with them and also reach loved ones that have passed on.  There were some very emotional breakthroughs, and releasing of old pain as I experienced my past life connections with people currently in my life today!  With Gil walking me through the process, it became effortless and comforting.

The experience was absolutely LIFE CHANGING!  I very highly recommend Gil to anyone who wants to learn how they can use their own ability to connect with their spirit guides and higher self.  It definitely helped to give me a deeper understanding of who we really are as we live on this planet, where we’ve been, and how multi-dimensional we really are!

With love and gratitude,


Los Lunas, New Mexico  

The experience was absolutely LIFE CHANGING

Gil, I have to say that I have never been so energized and clear as I was after our session. You really took me through it!

I never expected that my perspective  on life would or could change so quickly, but I cannot deny what I experienced in my session, and that changed everything!

Thank you so very much for opening my eyes, my soul, my mind, and my heart. I’m still reeling and processing from all of it, but yesterdays work was truly AMAZING!  It was a great adventure.

With Gratitude and Appreciation!

Mike Lawrence

Orange County, California

Yesterdays work was truly AMAZING

I had many unexpected discoveries along the way

Working with Gil and meeting my spirit guides, was one of the most intense spiritual experiences of my life! It is a priceless experience to see, feel and talk to them like you would talk with friends in real life, and to know that they are always there supporting me and available to talk any time I need guidance or company.

During my session I had all my questions answered and had many unexpected discoveries along the way of this very special experience.

If you are ready to take the leap in moving forward with your life, and living life deeply, I highly recommend doing this work with Gil and taking this amazing journey.

Polina Khoroshko

Saint Petersburg, Russia

No amount of money can pay for the value gained

When I first met Gil, there was a time when I asked myself, “Is this guy a crazy lunatic or is he for real?!”

I’m glad I tested my assumptions about Gil and overcame my initial skeptical judgment. I’m not going to discuss who or what a spirit guide actually is… As far as I’m concerned, I don’t really care!

All I know for sure is that my session with Gil helped me to:

Fully release a major grudge that might have been holding me back energetically.


Further discover and embrace my strengths of Power, Humor, & Expansiveness.


Realize that deep connections & relationships with people is what fulfills me the most. Shallow relationships with people that like me for external factors!

Re-evaluate my plan of traveling completely alone.

Create clarity with my career change and path.

No amount of money can pay for the short-term and long-term value gained from the profound realizations, insights, and clarity I experienced thanks to my session. Gil Alan is the real deal. Thanks a lot!

Kevin Velasco,

World Traveler

Professional Poker Player

A new way of seeing, a new way of tasting, and new way of listening. These are the gifts that Gil gave to me when all I could see, taste, and hear was bad.

For the first time in my life I experienced severe depression. I became bitter and lonely, alienating those closest to me, when I shut myself away in a dark closet of real negativity, Gil began sending me emails from my spirit guides. He would always intuitively email me exactly when I needed it most and told me of what my guides could see for me.

I was told by my spirit guides to look into my heart. They told me to dance and listen to my inner soul. These were not messages I could hear very easily at first. But Gil refused to give up on me. He continued sending me messages from my guides.

After long talks and many hours of looking within, I finally managed to get into my heart, and 'DANCE'. Through Gil, my spirit guides have helped me to see my life in a different way, through a new and clearer perspective, and with that... my life began to change. I have a great new job and a new outlook. I no longer allow my life to be ruled by the past or fear the future, I only feel and experience the present... I’m happy and things are good!


Long Beach, California

My Spirit Guides helped me see my life in a different way

If you are ready for a life-changing experience, I highly recommend a session with Gil Alan.  I met Gil when I was at a low point in my life and immediately sensed that he could help me break through whatever blocks I was experiencing to my happiness and abundance.

I scheduled a session with Gil, and ever since, I have been more open and connected with my own guides on a daily basis.  

I have not always had good experiences when consulting psychics or channels and I had some fears before my session.  However, Gil made me feel very safe to go very deep and connect with my own spiritual guides.

One of my questions before the session was about what was blocking my experiencing abundance in my life, since I had a life long pattern of going into debt and never getting ahead despite achieving success in well paying jobs.  During the session, one of my guides took me to the past life where I made the decision to literally push money and wealth away because I had associated tremendous wealth with great unhappiness and even despair.  I know this was true as I literally experienced the despair of that past lifetime due to choices I had made out of duty and abiding by the rules of that society.

After that experience, I attained greater clarity about my whole life's pattern with money, jobs, and even relationships with other people related to money.  I experienced a total shift in my awareness about the connection between money and my inner emotional experience.  

Since then I have been moving daily toward a new life of happiness and abundance.  I know it will be gradual, but I am getting almost daily evidence of the change in my relationship with money.  What is so amazing to me is that it really is not about the money, but about my attitude and emotional state around the money (and abundance - as it is much more than money).  I knew that intellectually, but without the experience of that past lifetime, I could never have internalized the message.

That experience alone would have been worth the price of the session with Gil, but there were so many other lessons and lifetimes that came forward as a result of connecting with my guides.  And this journey continues beyond the session.

Since opening up to my guides I am being led into a new life.  The most significant change is that I am just not concerned about the future anymore, because I know deep down that I am protected and loved and that I will receive the guidance I need for myself and for others that I work with and serve.

I absolutely guarantee that if you are ready to transform your life, that a session with Gil will help you do that.  If you are at all concerned about the cost, I can tell you that after just one session you will wonder why it is priced so ‘amazingly’ reasonable.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Peggy Shannon

San Pedro, California

Opening up to my guides I am being led into a new life

Dear Gil - Ever since my session with you I feel as though I've shed a 1000 pounds of Karma, or past life painful events and memories. It was an incredible experience and I am feeling lighter than air!

It really was an amazing series of past life regressions. I appreciate the clarifying of my wonderful spirit guides and getting to know them on a deeper level and understanding what each of them is here to help me with. It drew me so much closer to them.

I completely trusted you and that is why I was able to go as deeply as I did. You are truly a Lightworker, in every sense of the word.  I'm not surprised that it was you who helped me, it seems as though we've done this before!

Thank you so much!!! Much Love to you, Gil


Bend, Oregon

I completely trusted you and that is why I was able to go so deep

Gil's connection to the spirits on the other side of the veil is extraordinary.  I am amazed at how easily and quickly he connects.  I gave him very little information in an email and he went straight to the heart of my issue.  

We all have things holding us back.  If you want to quickly move past your blocks, Gil will open the channel and clear your way to peace, happiness, and success.

Mike Savage

Sommers, Montana

Gil will open the channel and clear your way to peace

The whole experience was beyond words

Greetings Gil, time has been drifting by and I really needed to write and thank you for my session while it was still fresh in my mind and heart. It’s hard to put into words everything I experienced, so let me just start with, WOW!

I really had no idea what to expect when I came for my session, and like I told you before we started, I was a little nervous. But when I actually connected to my guides and felt them coming through...

For the first time, it was an unbelievable feeling!!! I was so high! The whole experience was beyond words. It was all so deep it just shook me at my core. I loved meeting my beautiful guides and experiencing our past times together while discovering who I am, who I was and who I want to be! I understand my life so much better now. And going into the future was just awesome..... all of it, every moment was magical. And experiencing death and crossing over to the other side was beautiful...... I have very little fear of death now. It was actually very peaceful.

You rock, Gil.... You really do! I mean that sincerely. You are so genuine and sincere and passionate about this work you do! Thank you so much for this wonderful gift and changing my life forever. It was an amazing journey and the shift in consciousness was instantaneous! I’m still spinning from the whole thing and I can feel the expansion daily. Your generosity will be rewarded. I’m so lucky to have found you, and if I can ever do anything for you, I’m here.

Namaste, sweet man

With love and gratitude,

Jessie M.

Santa Barbara, California

My life, my relationships, my spirit is forever changed and I thank you

Gil Alan you saved my life!  I'm so thankful for your vision to make this available to everyone! I want to thank you for a truly amazing, enlightening, life changing experience! My gratitude for your willingness to share your gift is beyond my ability to express in words.  

I feel like a brand new life is unfolding before me and I'm a toddler again learning to take advantage of everything within my grasp.  

Your gentle approach and infinite wisdom lead me to a safe place where I could trust the process and open up to the world of my spirit guides.  I’ve always wondered how I found my way to certain experiences in my life. Now I know I was truly guided there.  I understand now, they’ve been there all along, I just wasn’t aware of them.  

What’s so incredibly exciting now is, knowing I can connect with them when I need them!  When I have questions or concerns about something affecting my life, I call upon my guides for clarity. The day after my session I hit a little bump in the latter part of my day receiving some news I interpreted as disappointing.  I called on my spirit guides for support and guidance and they were right there, helping me understand and encouraging me to trust that I would be ok.  

I look at people in my life differently now.  I see them now as spiritual beings, coming and going, into and out of my life, for the purpose of experiencing each other for that moment.  That alone has enabled me to feel more heart centered in my encounters with difficult situations.

The peace I feel knowing my guides are always with me, available to me and that I’m never alone is greater than words can express. Thank you again for being you.  

My life, my relationships, my spirit is forever changed and I thank you.

Robin Barnes

Nashville, Tennessee

Hi Gil! I am so grateful to have met you. Thanks to our meeting I feel so much different. The result is both subtle and overwhelming. Subtle in the small signs I use to test my spirit guides and they turn out correct later on, and then overwhelming in the effectiveness of the meditation techniques that you’ve taught me.  

Thank you for staying with me during the process, and taking so much time with me, because I won’t pretend; I found it difficult at times.

But what I have learned from this incredible experience has immeasurably outweighed those brief moments.  Gil empowers you, by facilitating you to do the work on your own, which is really connecting and being honest with yourself. And it is in this profound lesson that we understand that we take responsibility for our own growth.

While some of the terminology and concepts that Gil explores can seem to ‘make your mind explode’ at times, in the end, I was struck by how beautiful and perfectly simple ‘connecting is’ and as we’ve said before in many different contexts applying to many different ‘things’ in life, it’s all about love.

Going through this process with Gil will make you understand LOVE on a much deeper level and allow you to understand how this ‘knowing’ applies to you. When you meet Gil you will find a person who cares deeply and loves deeply, yet understands every human foible because of course, he is human too.

Gil, I have so enjoyed our meeting and laughing and talking and sharing! Thank you Gil, the expansion has begun.

With Much Love,

Kristy Peters XX

Melbourne, Australia  

How beautiful and perfectly simple connecting is


It is so very difficult to lose a loved one whether it has been a long protracted illness or they have been taken from you suddenly. My mother died of complications from Alzheimer’s disease.

About 10 days later  on the evening of Mothers Day, Gil began receiving visits from my mother. She visited with him a total of three times. The first visit was fairly short and her message to me was simple but convincing.

My heart and mind were put to ease with issues I had been struggling with for a while.

On the second visit, Gil allowed my mother free reign and he composed her message to me in writing. Gil sent me the message via email which I read while I was at work that day. I was so moved when I read the email that I was overcome with emotion and broke down crying. My supervisor was passing by and saw me crying, he was concerned and asked me if I was okay. I let him read the email and he started crying as well.

My mother’s message was powerful. It was deep and went straight to my heart. It spoke to me of childhood as well as my present life. I had no doubt that these were my mother’s words because she related things to Gil that he could not possibly have known otherwise. As a result of this, my heart and mind were put at ease over issues I had been struggling with for a while.

Her third visit to Gil, was on the evening after her memorial service. My mother thanked me for the beautiful service and tribute, as she left me with a parting message of loving words and wisdom that will always be with me. I now know that she is in a good place wherever that may be, but she is without the pain and suffering of the terrible debilitating disease she endured.

My heartfelt gratitude and thanks go out to Mr. Alan for the kind and caring manner in which he dealt with my pain and sorrow at a most difficult time.

Jack M.

Los Angeles, California

Gil - Thank you so much for the time you spent with me and the experience you provided. You rocked my world... and I haven't been the same since!  Thank God!

The journey you took me on was incredibly expanding. It gave me a new confidence to not only meet and use my guides, but it confirmed that I have felt their presence and guidance in my life many times before - I just didn’t recognize it, trust it, or understand it fully.

I now have the ability to connect with my guides at any moment and very quickly. I’ve been using them to help me decipher what certain emotions are about and where they come from and who certain people are for me in my life right now.

I now have a new understanding of my life lessons and purpose, like finally having connected some of the dots. I made a direct connection with where my emotional charge for rejection and emotional attachment came from, and how very deep that emotional charge was planted. This was truly an awakening for me! Now, in this lifetime, I get to consciously release that deep hurt, pain, and fear. OMG! What a blessing!!!

The day after my session with you, I awoke feeling more expanded somehow. I’m new at meditating and spend maybe 20 minutes doing it daily, and most of that time is dealing with mind chatter. But on the day after my session with, I went into my meditation very quickly and very deeply... and Bam! I was there and I was there for 50 minutes without interruption!

During the meditation I requested to visit another persons spirit guide and my request was honored... It was incredible! I experienced not only being in a very deep state of consciousness, but I was also interacting with it! For me this was a first - WOW!

The journey you took me on got my pot (consciousness) all stirred up and cooking and just blew the lid off! Now I can see the lessons being revealed (experiences to be experienced) as they are rising to the top faster because the heat’s been turned up.

My consciousness is now expanding faster than ever... I’m getting very excited about all this! And this has all manifested very quickly because of the work I did with you.


Kathryn Strong

Alameda, California


I now have a new understanding of my life lessons and purpose, like conenctign the dots.

I have been wanting to write this testimonial for Gil for a while. I feel as though I have SO much to say but I want to get right to the heart of my experience. I asked my Spirit Guides what should I write?

They said...  Tell them the Truth. Tell them that this experience radically changed your life to a point of utmost clarity and confidence in knowing that you are never alone, help is always here and you are totally and completely loved.

Tell them that Gil helped empower you to further confirm the beliefs you have that the life journey you are leading is all in spirit and you are all here to learn and to be given the choice to grow towards love in all that we do.

Everything is connected from the animals, plants, the Earth, people... to the very air we breathe. My eyes are now fully opened to the Truth and the simplicity of knowing that one must get out of the scope of limited human thinking and be willing to embrace the openness of Divine Spirit fully to lead you to happiness, growth, and understanding for yourself and others. Once you experience this process with Gil, you will become more peaceful and at ease knowing that there is a bigger picture behind all of our actions and reactions. Trusting in your inner voice and intuition will guide you to make decisions that will serve for your Higher Growth.

Gil's heart is so pure. His vibration is so high because he is compassionate, supportive and embracing in love, helping others to see life in an amazing, beautiful, and positively transforming way.

Gil is committed to serve, guide, and grow along with you.  All may not be open and ready, but to know that the door is open and the invitation extended will bring peace, clarity, and healing for those actively willing to pursue it. We send you love and light always and look forward to our connection with you.

Thank you "My Spirt Guide Team"!  THANK YOU Gil, for working along and with me... rather than for me. As they say, "When the student is ready, the teacher appears." Thank you for showing up with my Team!

Love and Light,


San Francisco, California

Once you experience this process with GIl, you will become more peaceful and at ease knowing there is a bigger picture behind all our actions and reactions.

Only until recently I have pretty much been a skeptic regarding Psychics, Clairvoyants, Palm Readers and such.  Recreationally I have had a number of these experiences dating back a great number of years.  

I was also of the opinion that if what you tell me is going to happen, then it’s going to happen anyway, so I can just wait until it happens.  But in recent years I’ve found my world-view changing and being pushed to think more outside the “Proverbial Box.”  

On the very evening of a day spent mentally wrestling with two major things in my life and not really knowing what to do, but knowing that I needed to do something,  Gil called me and told me that he had been receiving messages from ‘The Other Side’ that he wanted to discuss with me.  

Without having any idea that I was wrestling with anything, nor any knowledge of what it might have been, he absolutely nailed it by name exactly, each of the things I was wrestling with and gave me more than just solutions, he gave me a greater understanding of the big picture.  Gil explains that he is guided by spirit guides, whom I think guide us to him, and him to us.

The thing which has changed most for me through this whole experience with Gil, is that by understanding the bigger picture, I can now make better choices, and better frame the picture I desire.

Blake Roberts

Los Angeles, California


Gil called me and told me that he had been receiving messages from "The Other Side" for me.

Wanting to deepen my spirituality, I was attracted to Gil's 'Meet Your Spirit Guides' private sessions, but feeling a little timid as to what I was about to encounter. What transpired in my session was far more than I ever imagined could be possible. It was beyond explanation.

During the session I felt completely supported by Gil, I felt safe, loved and free to explore deep into my own essence.  

I have to say, it was a spiritual awakening like no other I had experienced before.  Now inspired by my higher self... the way I live, love, and work has been completely transformed!

Thank you Gil


Kim Toogood

Melbourne, Australia

It was a spiritual awakening like no other I had ever experienced before!

I commence this testimonial by saying: Whilst it may appear unfathomable to 'meet' a spirit guide, or comprehend the existence of one, I can genuinely say I am humbled. Gil has a very realistic and human approach to Spirit Guide communication. No fancy trimmings, no optical illusions or speaking in tongues.

There was a man however, with a very gentle demeanor who created a sincere and safe environment for all the participants in the workshop.

It's hard to explain just how many ways communication with spirit can occur, however it is without a doubt even to the greatest skeptics undertaking this process of communication that you will connect.

At the workshop I attended, when we were lead by Gil into an intense, very deep and relaxed state of consciousness, everyone received communication differently, but everyone was receiving…. And what we all had in common was that the communication was extremely easy!

Following on from the workshop a week or so later, we were invited to attend a private special meet-up forum where we could ask questions of Gil and connect with each other about our workshop experiences involving our communication with our spirit guides. People who did not attend the workshop were also allowed to participate.

Gil created another opportunity for us to connect and communicate to spirit once more. This time I can tell you from my own personal experience that I went even deeper and my answers were intensely vivid. I'd love to recount that journey with you, however I do feel that it's out of context here, and experiencing spirit guide communication for yourself would be far more enriching.

I highly encourage everyone to attend these workshops or work with Gil privately and become aware of how to communicate with spirit on your own. You owe it to yourself to become empowered to seek your own answers.

Thank you so much Gil Alan, for sharing your knowledge and wisdom, and creating a beautiful space of love, safe enough to allow all of us the trust and courage to acknowledge our most deepest selves.


Katie Louise

Melbourne, Australia

You owe it to yourself to become empowered to seek your own answers with your Spirit Guides.

My beautiful Gil! How much I want to tell you how I feel about the journey I began traveling with you and what I have experienced with you by my side, encouraging me to explore what I had boxed in as 'classified' for quite too long already!

I'm not one to 'come out' publicly, but my Spirit Guide, is coaxing me right now to do so. Without my guide I would have such difficulty coming forth, in spite of the fact that I so desire to express my deep gratitude to you.

My guide is actually gesturing and telling me,  "Oh,Stop that! And just make it happen, otherwise your message will remain totally hidden in your heart."  Oh Gil, my guides are all here affectionately nagging me to let you know how much you have touched me in such a graceful and gentle way, and have so generously gifted me with this precious and rare Blessing.

You have guided me so lovingly, so patiently, and with so much ease, to connect with a world I was carrying inside of me for so long. As you know, I had already met two of my Spirit Guides a long time ago, but I was at such a loss as to know 'what to do' with them.

You helped me to open the door, to invite and welcome them in, and to exchange with them. Wow! What Joy! And to my surprise, I even connected to many more of 'My Guys and Girls'!

THEY are now Ever Present, Ever Wise, Funny, Kind, Giving, Protective, Confident, Flirtatious, Colorful, Receptive, Supportive, Knowledgeable, and so Insightful, so Trustworthy, and Ever so, so LOVING!

Everything in my world, In my life, in my heart has become 'Lighter and more Expansive".  This exploration to the core of my being and discovery of my 'inner-outer' self is the most whimsical, exciting, magical adventure!

Thank you for this Divine Gift!

You are a true friend,

with all my affection,


Montreal, Canada

Everything in my world, in my life, in my heart has become "Lighter and mre expansive".

Hey Gil - I wanted to say thank you for my wonderful session!. The entire session was amazing, but I was most surprised at my past life history with my brother, it really was astonishing. I was blown away! I had a feeling there was something going on behind the scenes of our present life, but I had no idea it went that deep.

We have a lot of issues to deal with and it appears I have still have some letting go to do. But it all makes perfect sense and I think I have a much clearer perspective on things now, thanks to you.

It was incredible being able to connect with spirit directly. I was so excited that night I could barely sleep... I wanted to come back and do it again! It was also great to find out what my soul's mission is and you can bet I will be working on that as well. I’ve been practicing contacting my guides on my own like you taught me and I think I’m making progress. I can feel my awareness expanding after processing everything from the session and it’s really exciting!

I think you have a major talent and I applaud you for using it so wisely and for choosing to share it. Keep up the good work!  And many thanks again!


Brian Craig

Brooklyn, New York

It was incredible being able to connect with spirit directly. I was so excited that night I coud barely sleep.

If you’re a client and you would like to submit a testimonial to be used on this site, you can send it to:  and we'll make sure it gets posted. And a big heart felt thanks to all my clients, not only for the wonderful testimonials, but for having the courage to take the plunge and do the hard work!

Gil really is a master teacher... in a class all his own!

At first his method and manor is so easy and understated it feels as if he is doing nothing more than sharing in conversation with you. And somehow you feel like you have known him for years and its effortless. But then hours or days later, you suddenly realize that you have been transported to another level of being… you can’t quite put your finger on it, but you just feel it and you know it, ya know? And that’s only the beginning!

Meeting my sweet spirit guides, getting to know them, and learning how to communicate with them on such an easy conversational manner was something I never even dreamt possible. Today I can communicate with my guides pretty fluidly, and pretty much any time I want, in any situation.

Working with Gil over time was amazing. Week by week each new journey he guided me through was more fantastic than the one before. Every conversation we had was so revealing, so empowering, and sometimes even mind blowing, seriously! I came into all of this pretty much as a newbie with very little spiritual experience other than going to church with my family when I was a kid, if you can even call that spiritual. But now I am playing at a whole new level and a whole new understanding – as Gil puts it, tapping into the master within.

I have had psoriasis all my life… Terrible itchy dry skin that was just a horrible experience, but now it’s gone. My guides have taken me through a series of steps to release fears and anxiety I was holding on to. My mom has had high Blood pressure for years. But after working with my guides to help her she is finally free and healthy. My parents had refinanced their home so many times that their mortgage payments were out of control and they were in danger of losing our family home after years. My guides helped me to gain the courage and self worth where I could finally ask my boss for a raise. Not only did I get the raise, but I got a promotion with a salary that was almost double what I was earning before. Our family home is now safe and I have been working hard at paying off my parents mortgage completely.

I know Gil says that we do all the work and our guides will always show us the way. But I honestly don’t know if I would have learned everything I did in such a deep life altering way from any other teacher or program. Gil just has the ‘IT’ thing, whatever that is. Call it wisdom, compassion, vision, I honestly don’t really fully understand it, it’s just such an amazing transforming experience that happens almost as effortlessly as taking a class in learning how to drink water. It really is that easy, and yet that amazing. I can’t say enough about my experience with Gil. It was just extra-extra. My new journey has just begun.




Let me just start by saying, WOW! Every moment was magical. For the first time it was an unbelievable feeling.

Once you experience this process with GIl, you will become more peaceful and at ease knowing there is a bigger picture.

I was shocked that you and my guides went straight to my core issues, things I have been suppressing for a long time.





"If you have any doubts about working with, Gil...

"It was a spiritual awakening like no other I had ever...

"I feel like you have unlocked the door of potential for...

"All may not be open and ready, but the door is open...

The whole experience was beyond words!!!...

What an incredibly rich and wonderous experience it was to work with you, Gil!

I remember taking the group workshop way back, and I remember thinking after I took the first recorded guided journey, "Wow this is really going to be something special. Sadly, I did not have the time or focus to dive into the material back then or even to finish the course.

When you started to offer the private sessions last year I knew I had to do it and so I just jumped on it!!! But I really had no idea how deep I was going to go being guided and trained by you directly.

I feel like I have learned so much in such a short amount of time, it's kind of hard to explain but I feel like I know myself better now than I have ever known myself. That may not make much sense but I just feel larger - like the previous version of me was so small and ignorant of all the things we cannot see. I am so damn comfortable and excited in my life right now... I can't wait to see where my spirit guides take me next and what amazing experiences will develop.

You are a great teacher, Gil because you make the impossible feel so easy to acomplish it is almost effortless.  I am so, so grateful I found you to guide me through this experience.

¡Muchas, muchas gracias mi maestro!


Puerto Rico