Empowering The Human Experience


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When I work privately with clients you will be fully engaged in an amazing interactive experience with me while being directly connected with your Infinite Self through your Spirit Guides! It’s actually a very simple process that can be incredibly healing on many levels.

How I Work - A New Approach

When I work with you, it will be from a place of assistance, teaching, and love. My intuitive ability comes from simply opening up the infinite knowledge and wisdom that is available to everyone.  I am no different than you. What I do... you can do too... and you will!

These are not readings - what I am offering you is something much more, something incredibly powerful, something that will change your perspective on everything you see and do.  I will assist you in connecting directly to the frequency of infinite possibilities through your personal primary Spirit Guides, and you’ll do it all yourself and find your own answers, wisdom and guidance to transform any area of your life!

All it takes is a willingness to expand beyond the normal realm of perception and seek your own personal truth. I have worked with thousands of people around the world through private sessions and group workshops, and I have yet to meet anyone who cannot tap into the frequency of infinite knowledge and wisdom with a little guidance.

In our time together you will meet your Spirit Guides by making your own connection to them! They will introduce themselves to you and take you to past, present, or future lives where they lived as you - YES, that’s correct, I said.... AS YOU! Your guides are you!

Your personal spirit guides are none other than your own past, present, and future versions of yourself from other lifetimes as well as other forms of life throughout the multiverse who have returned to assist you in your current life in the form of Spirit Guides.

Does that blow your mind? Well, it should!  This information is not currently known by all within the spiritual community, in fact, you may not find too much information circulating around about it right now, but hopefully in time this will become common knowledge to everyone!

I know that the most powerful way to learn is by first hand experience and that’s why I teach mostly in this manner of guiding you through a visceral experience so you feel it on a deep level. Once you make this connection you will be amazed at how things continue opening up for you on so many levels and how the synchronicities flow into your life.