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Every Channeled session I do is unique to each and every client. Once your questions have been submitted, I do a simple meditation while sitting at the computer and I request that only the highest vibration of spirit assist in the session to deliver all appropriate information for your higher good.

I type out your name and the date of the channeled session, then begin with the first question on your list. As soon as I type out your question, my guides make contact and I begin receiving the information.

Depending on the client and the questions asked, the information I receive may come from multiple sources. My guides are always with me throughout each session, but they may also be assisted by your guides, angels, deceased love ones, your higher self,  my higher self,  ancient wise ones, and others.

The wonderful thing about the spirits, is that they work in such an incredibly intuitive manner, that they will always deliver the information you need to hear no matter what you ask!  And they always do it in a way that you will receive the information best. So your channel may be very direct with no holds barred if you are a direct person and respond best to direct methods of communication, or they may speak to you in a story form if you like metaphors and a little less reality, or they may also mix it up a bit. If you have a more gentle nature they will take a more loving approach... but they always know what you need and what works best. And this is something I never question or interfere with.

These sample channels below are from real channeled sessions that some of my clients have agreed to make public for everyone’s benefit - enjoy!

How It Works...

Elizabeth and Evan

My oldest son Evan is Autistic, and I want to know if he is truly happy,

or is there something special he should be doing?

Dear one, only the human in question can truly answer your request. Happiness is a choice, and it is up to the individual to be happy or not. But we understand the special circumstances involved in your request so we will tell you this…

Evan is a beautiful soul – a rare and significant spirit that has returned to human form for many different reasons. Mainly he has come forth to enrich the lives of those around him. He is attached to many different souls here and he is in mission to raise the vibrations of many, as well as his own.

He is servicing his family most but he is also servicing everyone that he comes in contact with. There is no one that Evan touches that will be unaffected by his beautiful spirit and his gentle soul. Some of you will remember him and carry him with you for your lifetime, others for years, and still others for only days or moments, But no one will be untouched by the circle of light that radiates from this special being. His light has a ripple effect on all that he touches and even those who he passes by.

If you said that he is an angel in human form, this would be very close to the truth. Evan is an ancient wise one who has come to purify his vibration and to share his wisdom in a very silent way. Although humans understand most clearly through the spoken or written word, there is a deeper meaning to life that is only taken from silence. Evan is a silent messenger. His message is one of inner peace and balance. It is a most powerful message delivered in a subtle but effective form.

This is difficult for us to put in to your human words… but if you could imagine being in the stillness and calm of nature, and feeling the soft gentle breeze blow across your skin, if you can imagine the sunshine warming every inch of your body until it fully warms your heart, if you can imagine the clear clean water of a river washing away your sorrows… this is the silence of nature that Evan radiates through his unique energy. And as nature has it’s own unique effect on every human being… so does Evan.

Nature does not need to do anything to exist or to be happy, it simply is. Although Evan is unique, he is still human, and within his own world of stillness and silence there are dreams and desires just as with any human. He will tell you what these are…

Know that Evan has chosen this life for himself as have all humans who are here. His choice was based upon his need to purify while being in service to others at the same time. As the mother you need to know that you did nothing wrong to cause his current state of being – he is not defective, he is exactly how he has chosen to be, and this decision was assisted and blessed by the highest source. If you are holding any guilt over this regarding things you might have done differently during your pregnancy… you must know that it was out of your hands. No matter what you did… the result would have been the same. Evan’s incarnation was and is a great success! Be joyful!

Is there anything I can do that could help him on his journey?

Love is the divine power of the universe. Shower this special soul with all the love you can find within your heart and then add some to that! This is what you can do to help him on his journey. And in turn, you will find far more than you ever bargained for being returned to you!

Because of Evan’s special situation, he needs certain attention to help him with the things that he cannot manifest easily on his own. His soul yearns for some freedoms that will not be easy for him to obtain without your help or the help of other caring individuals.

Ask him what his needs are, and no matter how small or simple they may seem, do not ignore them or put them off. Evan’s time here is less than that of others, so time is of the essence if he is to fulfill his deepest desires. You may not be able to help him achieve everything, but begin by taking one step at a time and begin helping him to make his dreams a reality… one by one.

Evan has a great need to express himself artistically and this should be an easy thing to achieve. If you cannot find a special needs art class then put him in a regular class where the instructor understands it is a need of Evan’s to be fulfilled and the quality of work is not important. Just let him create.

The reason for his need to be artistic is because of his great ability to create in the spirit realm.  This soul has done some very special work in the world of creation. This artistic work will help keep him connected to his souls purpose and to remind him on a subconscious level through his higher self, not only what he is here to do, but also remind him and keep him connected to his masterful ability to create. This will raise his vibration and keep his energy flowing.

He needs to travel and experience other places and things away from the home. Although he is comfortable to some degree at home, he is still a man with personal needs and all men need to find their own way in the world. He will always be your son, but he also needs to be his own man. Perhaps his brothers can travel with him even for several days at a time would be helpful. Evan is stimulated by city life and activity but he could also use some nature retreats where he can just ‘be’ and take in the silence and awe of his natural surroundings. This will greatly rejuvenate his soul.

Also a word on diet… the better the food Evan eats, the better he will feel. He is getting older now and his body is not able to process all the starches and sugars that he was able to do as a child or a teen. It is important for him to stay physically healthy so his life is not complicated by unnecessary problems that can easily be avoided through good diet. This is very important.

Evan is connected to you on a higher level than just through the mother and son relationship that he chose to be born into through this incarnation. As you help Evan achieve his dreams and desires you will achieve something very wonderful for yourself. There is a unity between you that allows growth in both directions – it would be too difficult for us to explain exactly how this works – but take our word for it!

Sometimes when you set someone free – you free yourself!

Peace and love to you! Bless you for your love and concern for this special soul. We hope this has shed some necessary light for you. You have many guides and angels that can help you through this – call on them often. Evan’s guides and angels will help you as well as long as you are receptive and open to their assistance. Time is of the essence, so we advise that you to begin now.


I need you to contact my spirit guides and ask what my purpose

in life is and if I’m headed down the right path?

You have been hearing us call to you in your dreams and awakening to this feeling. It is time for you to awaken to your soul and to listen to your heart. It is time for you to abandon things that you previously held in your belief system and awaken to what is in your heart.

There have been many things holding you back and these are all things that you can now let go of. The time is ripe for you to awaken and we are here to help you.

There is something you have carried over from a past life that you are now ready to deal with and to let go of. You have had many struggles with your sister Beth. Much of this is do to an incident that is being held between the both of you from this past life we speak of.

In the past, you and Beth were very close friends. You shared everything from childhood and carried this friendship into your adult lives. Your devotion to each other was very strong and Beth held you in very high regard and thought the world of you.

Your soul is a very courageous soul that has experienced much pain and much growth. But in this particular past life you were having difficulty in rising to the level of your true courageous nature. You were married to man who was a very difficult person. He was loving to you, but lacked the wisdom to see beyond social restrictions and was very rigged in his thinking, and was very closed off on an emotional level. This was restrictive and inhibiting for you and your heart was not experiencing the freedom that it had been use to or longed for.

You unexpectedly fell in love with another man and became pregnant with his child. You were beside yourself with panic and guilt and knew that this would not only ruin your marriage, but it would destroy your reputation, and the reputation of your husband, and your family. The other man did not know of this pregnancy and it was a brief affair at that. The child you were carrying was your brother Christopher from your present life.

On several occasions you tried to get rid of the child but it didn’t work. But in doing so you almost poisoned yourself in the process and became very sick. As you were stricken with such deep grief, you confided in your best friend Beth. At this point, Beth decided that she would take the baby and raise it as her own so you could save face. Beth was a widow and did not have to worry about explaining anything to a husband – but she had one child and wanted another child to help complete her family, and she was much in need of love.

The two of you concocted a plan; You and Beth hired a doctor to tell your husband that you need to rest away from the stress of home life in order to heal, so between your fourth and fifth month of pregnancy, you left to stay with Beth and later delivered the baby. Being a widow, Beth had no way to explain having another child except out of wedlock and she was looked down upon by most of those in the town for having an illegitimate child. The child also grew up being scoffed at as being a bastard and life was not easy for Beth or her two children after this.

Although you were finally able to save face in the end… this not only put strain on your friendship with Beth, but you spent many years living with a very guilty conscience. This became detrimental to your relationship with your husband as he had suspected, but never brought it up, and the relationship was never the same.

Beth suffered much ridicule for many years, and as time grew on and your friendship became more and more distant – Beth felt betrayed. So now each of you has carried over feelings and fragments from this situation. In this life you are often taking care of your sister and putting up with things that sometimes are very troubling to you and you would rather be free of. And Beth is riding the wave of this because subconsciously she has a big sense of entitlement. But this is mostly coming from this past life experience.

What needs to happen now… Is for you to live in the NOW. What happened in the past was an arrangement that was entered into by two consenting adults – two women who were best friends. Both of you knew exactly what you were doing. The tragedy is that YOU let the friendship slip away so you would not have to be confronted with what you had done and the pain and struggle this was now causing your friend. But this was not necessary. Would you have retained the courage that you held in many previous lives, you would have known how huge a sacrifice this was for your friend, and you would have been there to support her emotionally as the wonderful deeply caring friend that she was.

Can you see what your child (Christopher) has carried into this life from the past one regarding how he deals with you and your sister? Think about this.  Also… Christopher had chosen to come into this life as a brother to both you and Beth so he would now be in a neutral position to both of you and share you equally.

So back to the present… now it is time to let go. Now that you know of this past life event you can keep things in the perspective they should be dealt with! Release the feelings you carry over from this past life by confronting the situation with love. Take responsibility for your actions, acknowledge what this loving friend had sacrificed in order to help you, send her love for this… and move on! If you want to confront your sister Beth about this and reveal the past life situation and you think this will help you clear the air and release some of this negative energy, then by all means do it! If not… then release it on your own.

The current karma between the both of you is now due to be confronted… and your Karma is merely to release the past and relate to each other in the present as two souls that have always been together and hold a special bond of love for each other. Acknowledge this special love for each other and you will find that your relationship will soar to new heights! Beth is in your primary soul group and she will always be with you in one form or another – you are bound to each other through your spiritual DNA.

Your present life has been much more successful for you. Your basic soul nature of bravery and courage has been surfacing more and more with each year. But you are at a crossroads now and it is of great importance that you continue to move forward and fully claim your soul’s nature.

Your calling in this life is to simply rise to reclaim who you are and what you feel – being your true courageous self. This means that you should never let outside judgments of family, friends, or society get in the way of what you truly feel within your heart of hearts, and we think you know what we mean.

You are playing part of this out by becoming the matriarch of your birth family, and this is a good thing… but at the same time you are not bound to do so. Everyone in your family is responsible for their own life and you must allow the others to live their lives as they choose and on their own merits. Do you understand? This does not mean that you need to cut ties or remove yourself from anyone’s live, it just means that you should not impose any element of control over anyone else. You can offer your love, support, and assistance when needed, but do so without the control. You will always be loved by your family no matter what you do, even when you say “No”.

As you learn to love from an unconditional perspective, you not only allow others to become the most they can be, but you set yourself free, and allow yourself to awaken to your highest good.

So yes… you are most definitely heading down the right path! And we congratulate you with the highest regard, for you are awakening to your souls purpose and it’s true light.

Your friend Rachel that has crossed over is around you as you have probably been feeling… This is not an illusion. Rachel has traveled many lives with you and we will tell you this… she is helping you right now. Rachel is a wonderful soul and she wants the best for you. She is now doing all she can to help you – she has many regrets for her own life and she wants to do all she can to help you through your life now so you can live as fully as possible in the most loving way, as she was not able to do in hers.

Rachel wants you to be as kind and generous with yourself as you have been with others. And this does not mean financially, it means… emotionally and spiritually. She wants you to know that your “Self Love” is the most important thing you can achieve. If she had known this while she was alive – she would still be alive today. This is the gift she wants to give you. Her love for you has no bounds and she wants to remind you to be good to yourself and to love yourself as fully as possible, for this is where all is possible. She is holding you tightly as we speak to you and wants you to know how much she cherished your friendship as her love for you only continues to grow in her current consciousness. She will continue to spend time around you and she will come to you in your dreams, but wants you to know that you can speak to her anytime you want. Simply go to your heart-space and feel her in your heart, then speak to her aloud or in silence and she will be there to receive you.

You are having a wonderful life and there is much more ahead. Be true to your nature and welcome new gifts into your heart – they are on their way. There is a soul waiting to come to you as your child if you choose to accept this. But it is not something you must do – you are free to choose whatever suits you and whatever feels right within your heart. This soul will meet up with you at another time if this is what you choose – nothing will be lost – it never is!

We hope that this sheds some new light on what is going on and will allow you to move forward with new convictions. You are very loved within the spirit realm as well as in your earthly dimension. You are a spiritual warrior and your courage is growing and expanding year by year. You will soon be delivered new information that will further expand your life experience – you are ready!

With Love


Is it detrimental when I beat myself up too much for making a mistake

in my day trading or in my daily life occurrences?

Do birds have wings? Does the fire burn your hand when you put it in the flame?

How about asking us if it would do any damage to you if a 2-ton boulder fell on your head? Because this is exactly what you are doing when you beat yourself up. And there is no such thing as TOO MUCH or TOO LITTLE when it comes to BEATING YOURSELF UP – because every time you do this, each blow is compacted by the blow before until even the slightest blow is devastating.

Yes, Lorenzo… it is extremely detrimental for you to beat yourself up over anything, especially over mistakes, or your perception of these events being mistakes.

You’ve heard the phrase… “You are your own worst enemy? Well… Unfortunately this is true, not just for you but for all humans. No one can ever treat you as harshly as you are capable of treating yourself. Yes, there may be people out there who are capable of doing things to you things that you yourself could not even imagine. But the reason you are your own worst enemy, is because no one else can inflict the type of damage to you that you can inflict upon yourself. That’s how POWERFULL you are in thought and action!

The negative energy that you create for yourself is far more powerful and damaging than that of anything that anyone else could ever do to you. This is because your life, and all that is in it, and all that comes to you, is a direct reflection of how you view yourself. Your vibration is strictly determined on how you view yourself and what you put out. No one else in this world or any other world or universe can determine, or have any lasting effect on your vibration – only you can do this.

Think about this… if your soul vibration is designed that only you can raise this vibration by raising your awareness – then you and you alone are in the controllers seat. And if you beat yourself up over anything, then this is saying that you have a negative view of yourself – and you are controlling what you tell your conscious and your sub-conscious.

Now on the conscious level… you can beat yourself up momentarily and then let go of it relatively fast. But your subconscious is taking every little slap to your face and storing them up. It is creating a far worse self image for you then your conscious state could ever do. And this becomes self-perpetuating… so the next time something happens that your conscious self could be willing to take in stride, your subconscious says… “Hey, wait a minute… you’re not going to get off that easy. You screwed up yesterday, and you screwed up twice last week, and now you’re doing it again! In fact, your nothing but a loser and you might as well go back to bed and pull the covers over your head!!!!”

And this beating yourself up has become a habitual life pattern for you as well as for most of the worlds population – so you are in good company – but you’re all in need of some education in self love.

So every time you beat yourself up you are not only giving your subconscious more and more ammunition to strike back at you, but you are reinforcing a very, very unhealthy habit.

In order to break this habit, you need to live more from your conscious awareness – live in the NOW, and don’t allow yourself to be ruled by negative feelings or thoughts that arise from your subconscious. Every time you feel yourself going into a state of negativity or beating yourself up… even if it’s small, even if you say, “Shit, I did it again” – Stop yourself and rephrase your words, thoughts, and feelings. Bring yourself into the NOW and give yourself a BREAK!

What most humans view as mistakes, whether done by you or someone else, are truly only opportunities for growth. Yes, sometimes you do things that create unpleasant situations for yourself. But no one has ever written a basic handbook for life and all the challenges it provides. And there never will be one, because your experience is unique to you. You learn by trial and error.

Wisdom is only obtained through life experience, and anyone that tells you differently is in for a rude awakening. Why do you think you have chosen to be here? You are here because you are in the process of raising your personal vibration, which in turn is helping to raise the vibration of the planet and the universe. You are here on a mission. And you have chosen this.

Notice we said PROCESS? This is, and always will be… a process!

So which is more productive to your growth… beating yourself up over choices you made that didn’t turn out with your perceived outcome? Or looking at your choices from a wider perspective, which allows you to observe where you could have made more productive choices? Hence… you gain a little more understanding and wisdom to add to your backpack as you travel through life.

If you want your backpack to be filled with true wisdom, that only experience can offer, then you must begin by viewing your “Mistakes” as opportunities for growth. Because it is very difficult to find the lesson in a mistake or a poor choice when you are busy beating yourself up! Your focus is in the wrong place.

If someone rang your doorbell and you found a very angry person outside that said they would like to come in and  beat the crap out of you, we highly doubt you would invite them in – so why would you ever want to do this to yourself. It serves no purpose.

Another thing about beating yourself up…. And seriously think about this… In regard to your trading, if you make a mistake, or encounter an unpleasant outcome from making a particular choice, and you beat yourself up over it… Knowing that your subconscious is storing up all these events on its personal hard drive… what do you think is going to happen when you sit down at the computer to trade?

This is what happens… Your subconscious does not live in the now, it is a hard drive of memory from your past as well as your past lives. So you begin your day with a positive outlook (so you think), then you sit down to trade and make a few trades… all seems well until you begin to wonder if you should continue. Then the first sign of doubt creeps in. Your doubt sends a signal deep into your subconscious where it searches the database on its hard drive at lightening speed (Much like Google), and it begins sending you your own negative remarks and feelings that have been stored up over time.

It’s all about vibration - It is the vibration of doubt that searches for a like vibration from your subconscious database. Your subconscious has so many negative remarks and feelings that you hold against yourself regarding your trading that it has stored up over time and it is now feeding them to you as you are trying to work. It automatically feeds you what you store in it whenever you are doing something that it has like memory of. And this may be very subtle… but even subtle negativity can lower your vibration. How do you think your intuition is going to function as a guide for your trading or anything else in your life, as your subconscious is lowering your vibration and continuing the cycle of further doubt?

The good new is this… although your subconscious is a database for all your negative comments and feelings directed toward yourself, it will also store positive comments and feelings as well! So the choice is yours on what you choose to fill it with.

Now imagine the outcome of creating a database filled with only positive input!! If your subconscious can do such incredible damage to your vibration with the negative information you store in it – just imagine what it can and will do with the positive… Your subconscious is not your enemy – it is merely a tool, and very good tool at that. It is simply a matter of you learning to use this tool in a manner that it will best support you.

So our answer to your question is…. Yes….  DON”T DO IT!!! And our explanation should back up why!!

Thank yourself for asking this question – This is a great question because it has universal impact to all - you’re heading down the right path, so don’t forget to fill your backpack up with all that wisdom you are receiving!

When you sit down to trade, ask your guides to be present with you throughout your trading, even if you're not quite sure how to connect. Just go to your heart with honest intent and speak to them, ask them to guide you and send you strong intuitive hits. You can ask the same thing of your higher self. Your higher self is always available to you, as are your guides.

Also... get use to programming your day during the previous night before you go to sleep. Just speak to your self in your mind or aloud and tell yourself that tomorrow will be a great productive day for trading - That you will only work from a place of intuition, and that your guides and your higher self will be there to assist you. This should begin to help you immediately.

Joy, love, and much success!

Empowering the human experience



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