Who We Are

It isn’t easy being human. We have chosen to be where others dare not go. To be human is to be flawed. It is the very nature of our existence.

Who We Are

By Gil Alan

Recently I decided to host an international student from Taipei for two months who was coming here to study English. His name is Eder Yu, and he is 24 years old. Eder was actually born in Kansas, here in the U.S., but his family moved back to Taiwan when he was about 5, so most of his English language skills have long since faded away.

I went to the airport to greet him. I waited for him at the international arrival gate just outside of the customs checkpoint. I stood there with my handmade sign bearing his name among a sea of other anxious sign-holders, hoping he would see the sign and we would find each other without any problem. But that didn’t exactly work out as planned.

As I waited at the arrival gate I began watching all the foreigners arrive. I studied their mannerisms and body language, and watched their interaction with friends, relatives, and loved ones who were there to greet them.

Some of these arriving travelers were merely coming home after a long journey abroad, while others were being reunited with people they have not seen for many years.  The energy of love was buzzing around the airport terminal at a very intense vibrational level. There were moments of joy, moments of tears, moments of laughter, and even moments of uncontrollable excitement. To watch the exchange of love between people who are being reconnected to each other after a long separation is nothing short of phenomenal. It goes so deep that it is almost unexplainable through words alone.

There was one older woman from India who was greeted by her son and daughter-in-law. She was in a wheelchair being pushed through the heavily crowded area by an airline attendant. When she finally emerged through the crowd and made eye contact with her son, she was so overcome with emotion, that her face scrunched up and crinkled like she was being tortured, as the tears began flooding down her face like a river running wild. She was so filled with joy and love for her child after having no physical contact with him for almost 10 years, that it was almost unbearable. Her emotions could not be contained. It was bigger than life.

Then something unexpected happened. Somehow I became connected to each of them.

Through every smile, hug, and kiss, I could actually feel each persons emotional energy and a bit of their life story. It was incredible… and also a bit overwhelming. But it didn’t stop there. Soon I began to feel each of them in their spirit form and I could also sense their guides around them. The terminal was literally filled with the energy of thousands of spirits coming and going. It was a fine blending of several different dimensions where energies in different forms were not only coexisting, but also co-creating.

I began to realize that we are not only all connected to each other, but we are all the same, and we are all truly one – this isn’t just a metaphysical expression, desire, or concept – it is a Universal truth. We are all a part of the same Universal energy merely veiled in form.

There are those who believe and often joke that humans are the lowest form of life and intelligence in the Universe – an ignorant, arrogant species with light years of growth ahead of us. But this isn’t completely true.

As human beings on this planet, we are actually deeply revered and loved by all spiritual energies and entities throughout the universe.

Although we have lived in darkness, struggled with our egos, maimed and killed our fellow humans, and even ridiculed ourselves beyond distortion – we are here, and have chosen to be here, to do the HARD WORK! And for this, we are greatly honored and dearly loved by those who watch over us and guide us.

It isn’t easy being human. We have chosen to be where others dare not go. To be human is to be flawed. It is the nature of our existence. It is the ultimate irony of beauty and pain – yet a perfect design where chaos and order can exist side by side in perfect harmony.

Each of us is here on our own personal journey of experience and growth - And yet, when we learn to choose and live from a place of love, those vibrations not only affect us individually, they affect every living cell and organism on this planet. In fact, every vibration of love we manifest literally skyrockets out into the Universe to power a grand scale of change for all of creation. To be a human living and creating on earth is a much more sacred and prestigious position than many of us have ever imagined.

With the coming of our new age of awakening, we know have a greater responsibility than ever before.

There is much at stake. Our evolution has already been set in motion. The change is coming whether we accept it or not. We can choose to evolve by raising our awareness and consciousness on our own, or it will be forced upon us. The faster and higher we evolve through personal choice, the lesser the blow will be from external forces.

We have been given a window of opportunity on a scale that has never graced humanity before. Lets not waste it. We are a great creative and valued species. We are all here to do the work, so lets do it!

Your heart is the portal to everything you could possibly imagine. Find the love within – then share it, spread, and shine it on everyone and everything around you, including yourself. Love isn’t a sentiment created by Hallmark to sell cards. Love is the most powerful energetic frequency in existence - It is the true magic and wisdom of the Universe.  Love is our salvation.

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