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Transformation - The Ingredients Of Alchemy

By Gil Alan

If you are looking for transformation in your life then you need to create the space to allow for transformation to take place. Everything needs room to grow and expand, including people!

Recently in a client session, I was having a conversation with one of my client’s angels - I know I say that as if it were an every day occurrence, but trust me, even given the parameters of my work it was a rare treat for me. Anyway.... my client’s angel and I we were discussing Alchemy, another term used for transformation. I asked the angel what the key ingredients were to create transformation. The angel’s response was, “Intention and Death.” I was a little surprised when the angel said, “Death.” But here’s how it was explained:

Intention is necessary because nothing can be created or transformed without an intention to do so. Intention is the manifested action of a desire… it is the beginning of all creative processes.

After the intention is set, there must be a complete willingness to die. You cannot have complete transformation without the death (letting go) of one thing before it is transformed into another.

When two things of opposing energies or consciousness exist within the very same space at the same time, there is conflict, unrest, and often chaos. And although conflict is often a catalyst for change, if you stay within the realm of conflict without moving through it, nothing new will ever be created except more conflict.

The death of one thing is necessary for the creation of its transformation into another thing. Death is the space you create to allow for growth and transformation… that’s all it is… nothing more.

So if you truly want to transform your life, then you need to allow the death of your present life or self in order to create the necessary space for the new to take place. You will not lose the things you carry in your heart when you allow yourself to die off, to the contrary, you will actually be allowing those things within your heart to blossom.

Death is not about the ending of something as much as it is about the beginning of something new, and it is time that we all come to understand this and not fear it. As I Ching wisdom states; Every ending has a new beginning.

Imagine if a caterpillar was not willing to allow itself to die off in its present form in order to become a butterfly, and the caterpillar was  forever stuck somewhere in-between the consciousness of what it currently is and what it is destined to become. You would have a very odd looking creature living a life of confusion and inner conflict, that would never fully develop in order to claim its rightful destiny.

Many people around the world are currently experiencing what they perceive as resistance from the universe. Things are not manifesting for them the way they would like. In some cases it would almost seem as though the universe is turning against them. Things appear to be falling apart even when the best efforts are made to create something new and wonderful.

If this sounds familiar and you feel are experiencing resistance from the universe in your life… remember this… the universe will always provide you with what you ask for – so if you are experiencing resistance, the resistance you are experiencing is your own.

If you are looking to transform your life and it’s not happening, or it’s happening painfully slow… then ask yourself this… “Am I willing to die? Am I willing to let go of my old self and my old ways? Am I willing to release my old beliefs and ideas? Am I willing to stop telling my story as though I cannot rewrite it or add another chapter? Am I willing to accept my destiny?

Many people are often not even aware of their own resistance to change. We are all creatures of habit… we are comfortable with what we know… and even good change can be unfamiliar – and the unknown is often scary.

Sometimes you can feel a strange mixture of exhilaration and sadness as you say goodbye to a part of yourself that is dying off in order to make way for a whole new identity to emerge in its place. But saying goodbye to the part of you that is no longer needed, that will no longer serve you, is necessary. You must say goodbye so you can say hello.

Do not resist the transformation you long for… give into it fully and watch what happens!

How does a caterpillar become a butterfly? It simply accepts its destiny.

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