Together Again

This story is just one example of how your Spirit Guides can work with you to uncover the truth of a situation and offer healing. Not all challenges we face in our lives originate from a past life or parallel life experience - but this is such a fascinating story I felt it was a great example of the profound insights our Spirit Guides can offer.

Together Again

By Gil Alan

Copyright  2021  Gil Alan - All Rights Reserved

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I recently received an email from someone who was interested in learning more about Spirit Guides. They asked me, “What kind of information can you get from your Spirit Guides?” That is such an open-ended question with such infinite possibility to be explored; I wasn’t sure how to answer at first. At the time I opened the email I was taking a short break from working on the forward for my new book about reincarnation and I was suddenly reminded of a pretty amazing story I had experienced with a client.

The Client

I was working Tessa, a new client who had never experienced being in contact with her spirit guides before. The main reason she had booked this private session with me was to hopefully find answers as to why her two-month old baby Adele was not able to sleep. Apparently up until Adele was two-months old, she was sleeping normally.

Tessa explained that by all accounts baby Adele seemed to be fine in all other areas until she put the baby down to sleep. At that point baby Adele would almost immediately begin to cry while flailing her arms and legs in the air. Tessa was extremely worried that without enough sleep her baby would not grow properly and possibly begin to develop other symptoms due to sleep deprivation.

The Session

We began our session as I first connected Tessa to her primary spirit guide. We asked her spirit guide where the problem originated with baby Adele’s inability to sleep peacefully. The guide said the problem was coming from a past life experience, not the present life. We asked Tessa’s guide to take her back to the time and place of this past life experience.

Tessa was transported back in time about 250 years, somewhere on the European continent. She was working for a fairly well to do family as servant while living in a small dwelling on the property. When the lady of the house became pregnant with her first child, the daily workload for Tessa increased, which was all well and good until Tessa herself discovered she was pregnant from a brief affair she had with a worker who was mainly passing through town. She did her best to hide the pregnancy for as long as possible so she would not be relieved of her duties or her job.

By the time the lady of the house finally delivered her little baby girl no one was even paying attention to the fact that Tessa was growing larger. One night while cleaning up in the barn Tessa’s water broke about two weeks earlier than expected, mostly due to the strain she had been putting on her body from too heavy a workload. She was all alone but the baby came quickly and was born in the barn.

Tessa had faked illness so she could stay at home with her newborn child, a baby girl as well. Over the next few days Tessa was becoming concerned that she would not be able to provide very well for her child. As irrational as it may seem, she decided to switch babies with the lady of the house. Both babies were about the same age, size, and similar in looks as newborns. She wanted her child to have all the advantages the family could offer that she could not. So the babies were switched.

It wasn’t long before Tessa began to panic. She began having dreams of the baby she was now caring for starting to mature and baring resemblance to her birth parents while the family’s baby would resemble Tessa. She felt she could not risk being found out. In a moment of madness late at night, she took the family’s baby to the outskirts of town where there was an old abandoned well and threw the baby down the well.

At this moment in our session, Tessa witnessed the frightened baby crying out while flailing its tiny arms and legs as she fell all the way down the well until she hit the bottom with a thud. Tessa stood over the well looking down into the darkened eerie silence. She ran all the way home and cried all night begging God for forgiveness.

As the days went on Tessa became more and more despondent until she could no longer live with her actions. She prayed for hours for the baby she had killed and for the daughter she had given up, and then took her own life.

Tessa’s guide explained that she had been reunited with the soul that she had killed and given the opportunity to mother this soul in order to bring balance to the situation she created in their past relationship.

I waited for about ten minutes while Tessa regained her composure. The experience itself would have brought anyone to tears, but now in the realization that she had been given a second chance to nurture, love, and support this beautiful baby girl – was just more than she could handle in the moment. It was a powerful experience and I cried for her as well.

The Resolution

We had solved the mystery of why baby Adele was crying and flailing around whenever she was put down to sleep - but our work was not finished. We asked Tessa’s guide what she needed to do to help the baby sleep and ease her fear from these past life memories.

The answer was fairly simple. Tessa’s guide instructed her to hold Adele close to her body and gently whisper in her ear that there was no reason to fear her past life experience, that mother was here now and she will be loved and cared for, and protected. She is safe. They also suggested she play some very soft and gentle music in the background.

Tessa followed these instructions and within days, baby Adele began to sleep more regularly and peacefully – while her flailing arms and legs remained still.

A beautiful conclusion to a pretty horrific past life. Mother and child back together again. Another example that our relationships are not confined to a single finite experience – we are eternal beings. Consciousness lives on and loves lives on.

Tessa’s guide also explained that after this past life experience when both mother and child were in non-physical form, reunited with their soul, there was a contract made between the two that they would meet again and find a way to bring balance and harmony to their previous past life situation together. Neither soul was forced into the situation in by any type of spiritual mandate.

It was simply a contract of mutual agreement.

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