The following is a true story - an unexpected and beautiful event that I encountered while vacationing and visiting friends in Montana.

The Boy In The Woods

No one can ever forget the taking of a human life no matter how it’s done. It prays upon the conscience until

it works its way to the heart.

The Boy In The Woods

By Gil Alan

As we walked down the rocky pathway, I noticed a small blue house nestled in the woods among the pines. When I looked at the house, it felt incomplete, as if something was missing. That’s when I spotted him.

I saw a young boy walking in the woods near the house. He walked between the trees as if he knew the way. But he walked absently as if by memory. He sat on a large rock on the hillside overlooking the house. He was quiet and still. I didn’t want to disturb him, so I continued on my way.

As it turned out, the boy use to live in the small blue house  a year previous. His name is Dane and he was 14 years old. Dane had been missing his family and friends since he left. It was one year ago exactly to the date that Dane was hit by a car and killed while crossing the road on his bicycle.

The following day I felt compelled to return to the small blue house. I sat on the rock on the hillside as Dane sat next to me. I told him I would be willing to help him make contact with his family if that was his desire. He thanked me and said, “Yes. This is what I want. I have been trying to make contact for some time.”

The next morning when I awoke, Dane was waiting for me and raring to go. He was bugging me all morning to sit down and write a letter to his parents. I said he needed to wait until I meditated and ate some breakfast.

I got about 15 minutes into my meditation when Dane popped in and urged me to do it now. I told him to come back later but he was persistent and wouldn’t go. I gave in and went straight to the computer.

The Message

Dane sent his love to his parents and wanted them to know that he was still very much alive. He hoped that they would be open to this concept and would try reaching out to him on their own.

He was sorry he had been taken so suddenly, but explained how this was an opportunity for him to fulfill his contract to terminate and this was for their own growth as well as his. If it wasn’t the car accident it would have been something else at some other time. He could have opted out of the contract, but it would have been at the cost of everyone’s soul growth.

But the most incredible part of Dane’s message was that he wanted his parents to forgive the driver of the car that struck him down. He could see that his parents anger and bitterness was holding back their growth and he wanted them to move forward and expand their awareness.

Dane explained to them what the driver was going through emotionally on his end and urged his parents to have compassion and forgiveness for the driver – and through this they would find the inner peace they have been seeking over his death.

He also had this to say, “No one can ever forget the taking of a human life no matter how it is done… it prays upon the conscience until it works its way to the heart and makes you face the reality of what you have done even if done in self defense – it drives you to a place of compassion and forgiveness for self as well as for others and then you being to heal.”

I couldn’t help but cry as I sat there typing out Dane’s message to his parents. Not only was his message powerful and moving, but the fact that he returned on the anniversary of his death to bring enlightenment to everyone involved was just beyond words. It was simply beautiful. I feel honored and lucky to have connected with this incredible soul.


The following day I was taking my first yoga class in a very long time. Needless to say I was not very limber and having a difficult time keeping up with the rest of the class. Suddenly Dane popped in and began teasing me, making faces and laughing at my awkward attempts, but all in good fun. Just what you might expect from a 14 year old boy who jumped at the chance to let me know how lame I looked! But I could feel he was happy, and this made me happy.

But Dane had one more request to be fulfilled and he wanted it done now. I had not delivered the letter to his parents yet and he was waiting for me to finalize the process.

After returning from the yoga class. I walked up the dirt road to the small blue house. There were 4 cars parked in the driveway. I knew they were home. I walked up the driveway, then up the stairs to the front door. I could hear them talking inside. I debated on whether or not to knock on the door, but Dane told me to leave the letter wedged under the front door then leave, and I did.

I have no idea how Dane’s parents responded to the letter. I did my best to help Dane deliver his message and the rest will play out in time.

I will never forget the boy in the woods or how he touched me with his gentle and playful spirit.

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