This is a great animated video that shows you the basics of the meditation process and focuses on the importance of comfort no matter what position you use to meditate.

I highly recommend that all beginners watch this entire video series in order to get a feel and understanding of the meditation process - Enjoy!

Watch the entire 11 part series of meditation videos - Click Here

How To Meditate

This is a guided meditation with Bridget Woods Kramer, a leading Anusara yoga teacher, filmed on the cliffs of Cornwall, England.

Bridget is Anusara's UK representative and main certified Anusara teacher having studied with John Friend, the founder of the Anusara school of Yoga since 1994. This is a really good guided meditation for beginners as well as intermediate meditators.

Guided Meditation

A great piece of music to help you relax or you can use it to guide you into your meditation. I often use this in my private sessions to help people relax before beginning our journey.

Buddhist Meditation Music

Sometimes it’s nice to just unwind - This piece will completely relax you and transport you into other states of consciousness. You can put this on for 10 minutes and just let yourself go... You can use it to enter into mediation or simply just let go and day dream.

Relaxation Music

This is similar to the piece above but a lot more calming - play this on and you will immediately feel a sense of calm and you will begin drifting - great piece to fall asleep to!

Ultra Relaxing & Calming Music

British composer Paul Collier crafted this beautiful transforming soundscape titled “Air” - this is very relaxing yet it will gently open your imagination and your gravity boots will come off as you begin to drift and travel through consciousness.

Transforming Music

Over the last several years I have been guide journaling - this where I talk to my guides through a writing session, almost like having an IM conversation.

There’s a lot of really wonderful universal wisdom that comes through these sessions, so I pulled out some of my favorite quotes from my guides so I could share them with you.

Universal Wisdom

A short video I put together just as a brief introduction to spirit guides.

Meet Your Guides Introduction

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