Alignment Techniques

Practical Techniques For Alignment

By Jason Randhawa

The New Earth exists within you right now. In order to experience a New Earth you must align with its “High” vibrational frequency.  Here are 10 easy techniques to help you accomplish this!

  1. 1.Trust that you will always be looked after

Act as if there is an infinite non-physical world that is there to protect and guide you. It has been proven to me that this world actually does exist. I have come to this understanding because of many of my personally learned lessons and experiences. Also, many other people have had experiences that suggest that this spiritual world exists. It is the world through which this physical world that you now experience was born.

This is a very empowering belief to hold. Even if it is not true, this belief will keep you going, and will allow you to rise above yourself. Thus effectively raising your vibrations.

  1. 2.Tell the truth

I have found that in most cases, lying tends to lower a person's personal vibrational level. Next time you are on the verge of telling a lie, ask yourself: "What is the worst thing that could happen if I told the truth? Is it really worth sacrificing my spiritual vibrations and joyous experiences for?"

Remember lying is not "bad", since there is really no such thing as good or bad. It is all a perception. In most cases it is just more beneficial. Also, as we move into a New Earth, many people are becoming more and more intuitive. This results in more people being able to sense lies. So, telling the truth will help you on many levels.

  1. 3.Accept responsibility.

You should take complete responsibility for your life and the events in it. This one thing will allow you to take back all of your energy and power. This surge of energy/power will instantly raise your vibrations. The moment you take absolute responsibility, you will feel amazingly empowered. You will be healed, and you will be healing the entire planet.

  1. 4.See yourself as a master.

The following is an excerpt from "Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East" by Baird Spalding in Book 4, on page 159:

"To advance, you must come to see yourself as a Master. You must conduct yourself as a Master. There is no one who can teach you mastery, nor is there anyone who can give you mastership, for they are already yours. Practice is required. You must live as a Master lives, think as a Master thinks, act like a Master acts before you would know a Master if you were to meet one."

  1. 5.Come from the heart and rid yourself of all your fears

As you release your fears, your vibrations must rise to a level beyond fear. Fear constricts the wellness of life. You must learn to open your heart in spite of fear and allow wellness into your life. If you truly come from the heart, you cannot have any fears.

  1. 6.Sweet dreams

You have the ability to create your night. The importance of this is that many people believe you create your reality when you sleep. As you lay in your bed, before you fall asleep, suggest to yourself that you will have pleasant dreams that will raise your vibrations, thus completely restoring your good spirits and vitality. If this is the last idea/imagery remaining in your head as you fall asleep, this technique will work wonders for you.

  1. 7.Avoid multi-tasking, live completely in the NOW

If you are eating dinner, completely focus on eating and enjoying your dinner. Do not watch TV or read while you will eat. Do your best to completely focus on what you are doing in that particular moment and nothing else. This will maximize the activity's effectiveness and its joyfulness.

  1. 8.Don’t wear a watch

Try to avoid using a watch or looking at the clock regularly. If you can give little or no attention to time, you will be able to let your inner self/heart/intuition guide you. This inner guidance will let you know when the best time to go somewhere is, or, the best time to do your homework, or fall asleep, and even wake up. This will really help you get closer to yourself and help you get use to the idea of no time.

  1. 9.See the truth

Make it a HABIT of seeing beauty in everything.

  1. 10.Be your own teacher

Stop looking for some teacher/guide to "show you the way" or give you some message. There is no message that anyone can give you that you don't already have. It is a lot easier to simply give the message to yourself, thus skipping the middleman. When you are ready you will give that message to yourself, every time!

But, many people take a less rewarding path to the message/information they seek. They give the message to themselves by going out and finding someone else who knows it. It would be much more rewarding for you to give the message to yourself. This one idea is really the only idea you need. This technique should be very liberating.

When you understand this, you will tear down the boundaries you have put up around your knowledge/lessons. Everyone has access to Infinite Intelligence…if they believe they do. So get rid of the formality of getting advice/information from others, when it is a lot closer, within you!!!

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