My Encounter With Linda

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My Encounter With Linda - A Soul In Transition

Today I had a very poignant visit with a ghost that transpired over several different states of consciousness. Another amazing day in the realm of infinite possibility!

In the last dream I remember having this morning before I woke up, I was visited by a young woman that I had never seen before. The dream took place here at my house and my visitor was a young woman in her 20’s. She was average height, straight black hair to her shoulders, pale skin with pretty dark eyes. She had a nice figure, very slim and was dressed in black jeans and black leather boots, a dark grey t-shirt with some graphics on it, a lot of jewelry around her neck, and wore a black leather jacket. Her make-up was sparse, but heavy around the eyes, kind of Goth and kind of 60’s in style. She had a small piercing on the left side of her nose.

This young woman was bit on the petite side and there was something very delicate about her even though her overall image seemed tough at first glance.

I don’t remember how she got there or exactly how the dream began, but we were sitting in my living room talking about something… she seemed troubled and I was trying to find out what was going on. She was friendly, but seemed a bit confused and didn’t really want to get into much conversation about it.

I had the sense that she was waiting for someone or something… but I had work to do and wanted to get started with it. I asked her if she was a tea drinker and told her I had a wonderful assortment of tea from my friend Gail’s tea company. I asked if she liked tea…. She looked up at me with her large doe-like eyes and a slight hint of a smile on her face, then shook her head, “No.” I offered her some water, orange juice, or coffee? She said she just wanted to rest for a bit there on the sofa where she was sitting… and said that she was fine. I told her I was going into my office to do some work and to let me know if she needed anything.

I thought it was very strange the way she was positioned on the sofa… she wasn’t sitting on it properly, but rather kneeling on the bottom cushions with her legs tucked under her, facing inward toward the back of the sofa. Her head was bent over slightly as it rested on the back cushions. She definitely seemed like she was trying to escape from something internal, whatever that was.

I started to walk out of the room and that’s when I woke up from the dream.  I had no idea what this dream meant or who this young woman was.

About an hour later, I sat down to mediate, and within moments, the same young woman from my dream entered my meditation! We started to talk…

Gil: Who are you?

Linda: Linda

Gil: Where are you from?

Linda: Yugoslavia

Gil: What exactly is the problem – what’s wrong?

Linda: I was hurt.

Gil: Emotionally, physically, sexually…?

Linda: All of them….

Gil: Do you want to tell me what happened?

Linda: Not now… I just want to rest.

Gil: Why did you come to me?

Linda: Your kindness, compassion, your heart.

Gil: So, how did you find me?

Linda: I was drifting and you were like an energetic beacon and I noticed you. So I came into your dream because it was safe… you would see me and we could interact but you wouldn’t be fearful and we could talk.

Gil: So how can I help you, what do you need?

Linda: Just love, I just need to feel safe and feel loved right now.

At this point I could feel her holding on to me  - she had her arms wrapped around me like a child needing love and comfort… I let her embrace me without any resistance.

Gil: What did you do for work in Yugoslavia

Linda:  I’m an artist… tattoos and piercings

Gil: You know the pain will be released if you allow yourself to cross over – once your consciousness separates fully from your body the pain will all be gone – this is all just temporary, all experience is temporary.

Linda: I just want to rest here for a while – I don’t want think about anything right now.

Gil: OK…. You’re welcome to stay here for a while – but please try and stay within the energy that is present here, do not bring any other energies or entities into the space.

Linda: I won’t, I just want to rest and stabilize.

As I continued my meditation… images of Linda entered my mind where I could see she was being assaulted. It appeared that she was being raped and choked – it was happening fast but this was the overall impression I received.

Gil: How long will you be here…

Linda: I don’t know. I just need to rest, I feel very drained… I have no energy… it’s difficult to think right now.

Gil: It’s ok… I won’t ask you any more questions. We can talk later – if you want…  let me know if you need anything.

Linda: Thank you.

Gil: One more thing…. Do you know you’re a ghost…. That you’ve died?

She looked at me with recognition, but then turned away not wanting to face the reality that she knew was waiting for her…

Gil: It’s all right… I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to hurt you or confuse you any further…… I’ll let you be for now.

She curled up on the sofa in my living room, moving into a fetal position. She’s there now as I write this.

I asked my guides what was happening with Linda… they said she was in a phase of discovery, that she resting now and relaxing into the process.

Part Two

Later that night….  Because of my interaction with Linda earlier during the day, I never got around to showering. I really wanted to go to the gym for a workout but it was cold out and I was cold, and I decided to take a quick bath to warm up and limber up as well.

While soaking in the tub I sensed a visitor. I looked over to my right and Linda was sitting on a long wooden teak bench I have on the other side of the tub. She smiled at me, but it was just to be polite… She was still very uneasy about her situation.

I asked what she was doing in there, She said she didn’t want to be alone. I didn’t care, I was fine with it, I was relaxed and comfortable. Although it seems like dead women enjoy watching me in the bath tub and always want to talk while I’m bathing. I never get any action from the living while I’m bathing, just the dead ones… I can’t figure this out.

I began receiving some visual images of Linda walking through the city at night. I looked over at her, suspecting she was transmitting them to me, which she was. I asked her if she wanted to show me what happened.

From what I could see, she was walking through the city streets at night, alone. She told me she was going to meet a guy that had come into the little tattoo shop where she worked. His name was Gustov or Gustovich… something like that.

Then I saw her in another area of the city that was much more deserted. It was dark and appeared to be down by the water front that was running through part of the city.

Gil: How did you get there? Why were you walking alone in such a dark deserted area?

Linda: I wasn’t… it didn’t happen like that, Your images are a bit mixed up. I was walking through the city streets. It was late. I was on my way to meet the guy for some drinks. As I was walking, I passed a man that was leaning up against the wall of a building facing the street. As I passed him by, I got a strange feeling, It was an uneasy feeling and I felt a little scared. There weren’t many people out on the street.

I walked a little faster, and as I got several blocks ahead, suddenly I was pushed into an alley. I couldn’t see the person that pushed me at first. I started to yell and struggle, but the man put his hand over my mouth then hit me in the face and it pushed me back... I hit my head against the brick wall of the building.

The next thing I remember is opening my eyes and I was lying on my back down by the water. It was a secluded spot by an old factory building. It smelled really bad. The man was pulling my pants down. I started struggling with him but he hit me in the face again. I was still conscious, but I was numb.

He climbed on top of me. He was too large and strong I couldn’t fight him off. As he entered me I gave up. I felt him choking me, but I did nothing.

The next thing I remember was I was looking down at my body lying on the ground and he was walking away. I didn’t really understand. And that’s when I started to drift.  I didn’t know where I was.

The vision of my body and the city began to fade away and I only remember the sensation of drifting. I couldn’t feel my body very much, but thoughts were still running through my mind.

I don’t know how long I was drifting. Many thoughts and images were passing through my mind. I was aware of people but I couldn’t really see them very well. And that’s when I spotted you...

I was listening to most of this while in the tub just staring up at the ceiling. When I turned and looked over to her, Linda was gone. I got out of the tub, dried off and put my sweats on. I really wanted a cigarette. It was cold and I didn’t feel like going outside. So I opened the back door in the kitchen and stood in the doorway smoking and looking up at the night’s sky.

I felt Linda come up behind me… she rested her head against my back. I told her everything was going to be OK and she should just relax and have faith that it would all work out.  She put her arms around my waist and thanked my for my kindness.

I asked her if she wanted to be my ghost girlfriend. I said I wasn’t having much luck with guys lately, so I was pretty much open to anything. She laughed really hard, and said it felt good to laugh again, that it was the first sign of lightness she had experienced since the attack.  I asked her if she smoked, she said once in a while she would, but not very often.

I told her I wanted to write all this down before I forgot, So I went to my office and sat down at the computer while she sat on the daybed behind me.

Gil: Alright, so what happened after you spotted me while you were drifting?

Linda: You were asleep but I could see you were dreaming. I don’t know how I did it, but I entered your dream to see what was going on, not knowing you would see me, but you did. I was surprised that I became a part of your dream and everything that happened in your dream was just as if it was happening outside of the dream, it didn’t feel any different.

You were welcoming me as a guest in your home and being very kind, and I decided to stay and play along with it all. Actually, I was told to stay, that it was safe.

Gil: Who told you to stay?

Linda: I don’t know… it was a voice or a thought.

Gil: And then what happened?

Linda: You woke up and our connection was dropped.

Gil:  Ok, and then what?

Linda: Then you went outside to talk to your friend Carol on the phone. You told her about the dream and she suggested that I may be a spirit or ghost, and that it probably wasn’t just a dream. 

Gil: You could hear our conversation?

Linda: Yes.

Gil: Alright… continue….

Linda:  When I heard her tell you that, it was the first time that the thought entered my mind. Up until then I didn’t really know what had happened. It’s like I was in shock, or like one reality just overtook another reality and I forgot about the first reality. I still feel misplaced, but I’m comfortable here right now.

Gil: So what can I do for you… how can I help you?

Linda: I don’t know. I feel like I need to rest still. I’m not as confused but I still feel very drained and tired.

Gil: Actually, so do I. I think I’m going to detach from this for a while and just relax and get to bed early… you’re welcome to stay and hang out and if you’re here tomorrow we can pick this up again.

Linda: That’s fine… I’m going to rest up too. I feel some other spirits around me and it seems like they want me to detach as well and give you a break. I don’t want to cause you any harm so please do what you need to do. I’m very grateful for your attention. I like your house by the way. It’s very nice and has good energy. I feel safe and comfortable in this space. Thank you, Gil. And tell James I won’t drink his kombucha, I never liked it much anyway.

Gil: Sweat dreams....

I went to bed. I could feel Linda’s presence, and felt that she was stabilizing and things were becoming clearer for her, but I detached from her so I could sleep, and I slept very peacefully.

I awoke around 6:30 am, which was much earlier than my normal wake up time, and I felt Linda sitting on the edge of my bed. She said she was getting ready to leave. Her guides and angels had been working with her and she was now relaxed into the concept of fully transitioning out of her body and the consciousness of Linda.

I asked her if she could stay until morning so we could catch up and say our good-byes. She said that she would, there was no rush. She thanked me for allowing her to stay and giving her a safe place to be while gaining clarity on her situation.

Later that morning when I finally woke up, Linda was there waiting. I was still a bit groggy and not fully receiving her, so I decided to chat with her in a meditative state where I might be clearer.

As it turns out, Linda and I have had some past life experiences together, and that is part of why she was able to hone in on me easier while she was drifting about.

Gil: So do you know why all this happened to you and things played out the way they did?

Linda: It’s so complicated, there are so many connections and decisions that get made simultaneously it’s almost impossible to go through them all. A lot of it had to do with previous contracts made. Part of my leaving had to do with helping my brother and father evolve into higher awareness. My mother died from cancer 7 years ago, and that was devastating for all of us. But apparently my brother and father had similar contracts of experiencing an opportunity for self-love through abandonment and hardship. So my death was another opportunity to push them further toward finding themselves through loss.

It also had to do with contracts I made with the man who killed me. And in several past lives I had taken part in hurting other people during the time I was a soldier and through other lives. There were women that had been raped and tortured. But what happened to me in this life as Linda, was not a punishment for that at all, it doesn’t really work that way, it was only me choosing to experience something similar so I could see through the eyes of being on the receiving side of the violence. It was all part of a complex plan of interwoven possibilities that were set up prior to me coming in to this life. Everything works together...

Gil: OK... I just got a small download of information!  OMG!!!!  This is outrageous! I have previously been aware of a past life experience that just came back to me in a flash - In 1140 AD the village I lived in was attacked by a group of renegades. My wife had been dead for some years, but I had a young son around 12 or 14 years old that I was raising with the help of my mother who lived with us as well. These renegades tortured and killed many people in the village. They tortured my mother, myself, and my son. My mother and I managed to survive, but my son was brutally killed.

I’m so hesitant to ask this question, but.... Were you one of those renegades?

Linda: Yes, Gil. I was the leader that killed your son and tortured you and your mother. I’m sad to say, and ashamed to admit to such a horrible thing. I don’t think I knew that at the time I was drifting towards you. It just hit me at this present moment as you said this. It’s like your awareness of this unlocked my awareness as well. I think I may have had an underlying awareness of this as I was drifting towards you, but it wasn’t really clear. But now I can see that this is also part of why I was drawn to you and that you stood out to me as a beacon. The connection between us was very strong as we have both carried the scars and the energy of that incident with us through many lifetimes.

Gil: This is astounding... It’s beyond words! This is incredible!

Linda: I know.... this is as much a revelation for me as it is for you.

There was a very high intensity of energy that was shifting back and forth between Linda and I at that moment - it was like our hearts were opened up wider and deeper to something very powerful. And then it hit us!

We both realized at the same moment that this was the release, it was the opportunity to see each other not for how we appear on the surface, or what we say or do, but to see each other as a pure expression of contrast where everything is equal - that in the end everything comes full circle and everything is cleansed and released.

We were smiling at each other in understanding of just how incredible this journey can be. We remained silent for a few moments just to take in the vastness of the moment,  and the pure timelessness of this reunion under such extraordinary circumstances!

Linda: Thank you for this, Gil... thank you for everything! I see the angel in you now, it’s quite present.

Gil: No.. Thank you! Thank you for this opportunity... it’s been amazing. I can’t even begin to fully describe the feeling of experiencing something this powerful, coming full circle and coming into this understanding, even if I only understand it partially - it’s beautiful!

Linda: Yes, it is incredibly beautiful. My heart is full, and it’s time for me to go. I have a new adventure to experience.

Gil: Do you know where you’re going next?

Linda: Yes... its all been arranged. I’m going into the body of a boy who will be born in approximately 7 months. I will be born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, which use to be called Lenigrad. The parents I will be born to are very loving people, and this time around I am coming in to experience a much stronger family support system. My interest and career path will be in technology mostly as a programmer. I look forward to developing some very important coding that will help advance technology to a point where it will begin a process of being able to merge with human consciousness. Some very exciting times. I also look forward to being male again.

And I look forward to meeting up with you again, Gil, as that is in the plan as well. Remember to be aware of the word LENINGRAD... this will be a code word for the two of us in recognizing each other when that time comes around again!

Gil: I’m speechless.....  have a great new life Linda.... see you again soon I hope.

She kissed me on the head and she was gone.

By Gil Alan

Copyright  2021Gil Alan - All Rights Reserved

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