You will be fully engaged in  an amazing interactive experience

with me while being directly connected with your Spirit Guides!

My intuitive ability combines the use of psychic intuition, mediumship, clairvoyance, and channeling - which I use to connect to the highest vibration of universal knowing. When I work with you, it will be from a place of assistance, teaching, and love. I am no different than you. What I do... you can do too... and you will!

I am no longer offering general readings - What I am offering you is something much more, something incredibly powerful, something that will change your perspective on everything you see and do! I am now offering one-on-one sessions where I will assist you in connecting to your personal primary Spirit Guides, and you’ll do it all yourself and find your own answers to anything you are seeking!

Rather than the old format of giving you an intuitive reading while you sit and listen, now you will be fully engaged in an amazing interactive experience with me while being directly connected to your own spirit guides as they take you on a multi-dimensional journey that will truly transform your life!

In our session you will meet your guides by making your own connection to them! They will introduce themselves to you by name and take you to past, present, or future lives where they lived as you - YES, that’s correct, I said.... AS YOU! Your guides are you! They are simply extensions of your Higher Self!

Your personal spirit guides are none other than past, present, and future versions of yourself from other lifetimes, and they have returned to assist you in your current life in the form of guides. Does that blow your mind? Well, it should!  This information is not currently known by all within the spiritual community, in fact, you probably won’t find too much information circulating around about it right now, but in time, this will become common knowledge to everyone!

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