Hope vs Belief vs Knowing

Without transcending our personal beliefs we will never be free from the ignorance of dogma that separates us from the infinite wisdom of source.

Hope vs Belief vs Knowing

By Gil Alan

Copyright  2021  Gil Alan - All Rights Reserved

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For thousands of years humanity has held on to the idea of Hope with a grip so intense it has become the universal icon for manifesting our dreams and desires. But without moving forward and transcending our hopes into higher states of awareness we can eventually become lost to a perpetual state of doubt or wishing and never realize our full potential.

Our beliefs have been the prisons of our minds and hearts, dividing nations into imaginary boundaries and separating us from the truth of who we really are. Without transcending our beliefs we will never be free from the ignorance of dogma that separates us from universal wisdom.

So if we are to abandon our hopes and beliefs where does that leave us? It leaves us free to enter a state of Knowing - Free to move into higher states of awareness where the infinite is always present.

Hope, Belief, and Knowing, are three very distinct states of awareness that each hold their own level of vibration. Let’s look at each of these states of awareness from a energetic point of view as well as the purpose they serve;


Hope is the universal savior - it is the life-ring you hold on to while you’re waiting to be saved. It allows you to find the necessary strength to carry on while you search for options. Without hope you would quickly sink into despair. But hope retains an element of doubt making it a lower vibration than belief or knowing.


Belief is a firmly held opinion that transforms you way beyond the doubts of hope and produces a much higher vibration. But opinions are not certainties or universal truths as they are limited and constricted by the ideas, or philosophies supporting them. Believing in something no matter how strong the belief, does not necessarily make it true. And once you create a fixed belief about anything, you box yourself in and immediately set limitations upon receiving any possible higher information or universal wisdom being sent to you.


Knowing is the ‘absolute’ derived from a state of fully aware consciousness. Knowing is source because knowing holds the power of love, and source is love, as source is always in a perpetual state of knowing. Knowing allows you to simply KNOW without any doubt, fear, or limitation, that all is possible and all will be as it should within complete divine order. Knowing is unlimited and infinite.

Transcending Limitation

So from an energetic point of view... to be in a state of knowing is the highest vibration there is. Hope has it's purpose, but with all that is now available to us in the expanded dimension of the New Earth, HOPE is basically 'Old School', yet essential, but should not be used as anything more than a stepping stone to sustain you while you are in a place of uncertainty, otherwise you run the risk of turning your hopes into a permanent crutch that will paralyze you. BELIEF is commitment without having full awareness, and is the reason for most of the worlds problems whether it be intolerance, prejudice, bigotry, or the beliefs regarding our own personal self worth - beliefs are powerful but they can be very, very destructive. KNOWING is where it’s at! Knowing is your direct alignment to source energy, and is the quickest way to manifest. Knowing is love and it is the most powerful force - there is no higher state of conscious awareness than knowing.

Let us leave our hopes behind us and boldly choose to not believe in any one thing with too much commitment as we step into the absolute awareness of ‘KNOWING’ that we are powerful beings that can create anything we choose. It is from this place, and only from this place, that we transcend the lower vibrations that bind us to all misery as we take the quantum leap to ascend through conscious evolution into the multi-dimensional beings we truly are.

Peace - Love - Light









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