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Reunite With Your Departed Loved Ones

If you are longing to make CONTACT and reunite with

a Departed Loved One, you will not want to miss this very special transformational journey with spirit!


The best thing about how we’ve structured this event is that you can participate in the entire experience at your own pace using the tools on our website.

Imagine The Experience You Can have Reuniting With Your Loved One...


Every year I do something special to honor my mother and the incredible gift she left me after her passing. If it wasn’t for my mother’s profound love and her unrelenting tenacity in reaching out to me to make CONTACT from the other side, I probably would not be doing this work today!

Last year my mother gave me a brilliant idea - she asked me to create a special journey that would connect as many people as possible to their Departed Loved Ones!

Our connections to each other, and our ability to love and serve, transcend our mere physical form. Life is eternal and love lives on. If you have been missing a Departed Loved One... it’s time to make CONTACT!

Read how my mother made CONTACT

with me shortly after crossing over.

  1. Find out how your loved one is faring after death - are they OK?

  1. Connect with your beloved departed pets as well.

  1. Ask the important questions that have been weighing on your mind.

  1. Discover information about the AfterLife experience.

  1. Handle any unfinished business with your loved one.

  1. Continue a loving relationship with your loved one.

  1. Be able to express yourself and say, “Thank you” or “I’m sorry.”

  1. Seek valuable advice, wisdom, or guidance from your loved one.

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Reunite with your Loved Ones on the Other Side

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Imagine the Possibilities!

Gil Alan’s

Through his international workshops and private sessions, Gil Alan empowers people all over the world to become their own unique source of guidance by teaching them how to connect directly to their Inner Guidance through their Spirit Guides, as they experience a profound journey of self discovery and healing that push the doors of perception wide open!

Gil’s personal journey began only months after his mother’s death when she reached out to him from The Other Side to help him awaken to his own multidimensional nature and set him on his path.

Internationally Recognized Spiritual Luminary, Writer, Speaker & Author of the upcoming book...

The Other Side of Now


Can I Really Connect To My Departed Loved Ones?

Yes, You Can!

Gradually moving through steps 1 - 5

on our easy to use CONTACT website

Join the discussions in our Live Open Access calls.


You begin by using our simple PDF instructions.

Then joining the Private Facebook Group.

Moving on to our Guided Relaxation Journey MP3.

And finally the main CONTACT Journey MP3 where you will meet your Primary Spirit Guide who will  reunite you with your Departed Loved One!





Many people think you have to be a psychic or a medium or have some sort of special gift in order to connect to spirit. But this could not be farther from the truth. In fact... the simple truth is that every single person on this planet can easily connect with spirit at any time! It is an innate ability that you have been using since your very conception.

All it really takes is an open heart, free from fear and doubt to experience a flawless connection to spirit by simply asking to make CONTACT.

You would be surprised to find out how many times your Departed Loved Ones have already tried reaching out to you that you probably aren’t aware of. They are so eager and excited to reconnect with you... waiting for you to recognize the signs they have been giving you all along.

Your Departed Loved Ones are merely a breath away, just a single thought away, waiting to reconnect heart to heart, soul to soul... waiting to make CONTACT!

Just A Thought Away...

You can try this experience Risk Free

Actually, we’ll take the risk for you!

If for any reason this experience does not live up to your expectations within the first 30 days, send an email to  and we will refund 100% of your investment in CONTACT. You are completely protected!


Here’s The Best Part...


Your loved ones are waiting to

make CONTACT with you!

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Once your Departed Loved Ones have transitioned to the other side, they no longer hold any resentment or judgement. Yes, this is true... There is only LOVE!

When we return to our true Spirit selves, our prior human experience exists only in memory and is seen only through the eyes of love and compassion.

No matter what your previous experience was with your loved one they will be welcoming you with open arms.

And the beautiful truth, is that by making CONTACT you have an opportunity to create a new and improved relationship with your loved one that will continue to grow throughout eternity.


Access everything on our website from your computer, tablet, or smart phone. And you can go through the entire CONTACT experience all at your own pace on your own schedule. You will have a life-time membership with easy access to everything in this program!

and easy access

Will Change your Perception of Life and Death.  This is an extraordinary opportunity to reunite with your Departed Loved Ones and continue the eternal journey of the heart.

You will have access to our special website that contains everything you need! With super easy to follow Instructions (Steps 1 - 5) you will be guided through the entire process and how to prepare for your CONTACT Journey to have the best experience possible.

What You’ll Receive in CONTACT

You’ll receive our 28 minute Guided Relaxation Journey MP3 that will help prepare you for the Main Contact Journey. This Guided Relaxation Journey will help you open up to a higher frequency that will make it easier for you to connect to your departed loved one.

You get access to the Main Guided Contact Journey that will connect to your Deceased Loved One. This amazing Journey can be streamed online, or downloaded to your computer as an MP3.

We offer an ongoing series of LIVE Q&A call’s where you have a unique opportunity to speak with Gil directly. You’ll get access to the Replays the following day which you can stream online or download to your computer as an MP3. There will also be some very special guests join our calls from time to time.

You will have access to our Private Facebook Group only for those who are participating in this Special Event. This is a great place to connect with others to share your experience or post questions for Gil who answers every question posted.

Website Access & Instructions

Guided Relaxation Journey MP3

Guided CONTACT Journey MP3

Join The Live Open Access Calls

Our Private Facebook Group

This was the single most spiritual journey of my life!

I was shocked when I actually made my first connection to spirit just using the Relaxation Journey MP3 that gets you ready for the main journey. But when I did the main CONTACT Journey – that was just mind blowing! It’s hard to believe that I made contact with my Mother, my Aunt, and my Rhodesian Ridgeback! If you want to make contact with your deceased loved ones this program is a must. Totally Amazing! 

Janis - London

What Are People Saying...







I highly recommend anyone interested in life after death

to take this program, Contact is a must! I have taken classes in mediumship before, and I can tell you that with Gil you go forward very gently in leaps and bounds. His reassuring and soothing voice makes you feel how much he cares for everyone as well as being in control at all times. He's also quite amazing at the way he understands all the questions put to him and all his interpretations ring absolutely true for me. Gil’s kindness, generosity and compassion will make anyone in his presence thrive.

Amanda - Australia

I thought I was ready for anything, but not for this!

I had such a profound experience using this program to connect with my mother who passed three years ago, I was shocked. I was actually able to experience being with my mother for the first time since her passing and to even feel my mother’s feelings, quite intensely. I know for sure they were not my feelings, but hers. As a result, I felt an emotional connection with her unlike any I had ever experienced while she was alive! This created a shift in how I had previously felt towards her to a new one of great love, acceptance and compassion. This shifting that took place allowed me to reach a much deeper level of healing in our relationship than previously attained, even after several years being a professional life coach and doing a great deal of work on myself and on my relationship with my mother. This whole experience was for me, very enlightening, affirming, cathartic and most of all, very loving.

Daniel - Los Angeles

If you’ve ever struggled to figure out how to communicate

with your loved ones who have passed, you’ll definitely appreciate this new program Gil has created. This is the second program I have taken from Gil; the first one was the “Awaken Your Inner Guidance” workshop.  His straightforward method is simple, yet powerful, as he walks you through his unique process for making your own personal connection with your deceased loved ones and others on the “other side of the veil.” I feel the success of Gil’s life-changing programs is evidenced by how effectively he empowers each participant to become their own guru.

Stephanie - Vancouver

This experience has changed my perspective on life, 

death, and the living. The Guided Journey experiences are remarkable in their precise instructions and ease of use.  The attention to detail that Gil Alan provides is exceptional. The CONTACT experience has facilitated the enrichment and healing of every relationship in my life, both with family members, friends, and pets that have passed and even those who have not. I really appreciate Gil’s extensive loving support through live Q&A sessions and the private Facebook Group. Thank you Gil Alan for you genuinely have made it possible for me to begin to live my best life.

Christine - Boston

Open The Door Of Perception

One can only imagine the implications of what is possible

after making a true connection to a deceased loved one. To establish this kind of deep and heartfelt connection to one who is no longer in their physical form, and to be able to continue an ongoing relationship with this being, is absolutely astounding. Not only did I communicate with my father and brother who have passed, but I also met my great grandmother who died before I was even born. This is so far beyond what I can rationalize with my mind that I have no other choice but to accept it with my heart. As a physician this is not something I do lightly... but nonetheless I have embraced this fully. What a wonderful experience. Thank you Mr. Alan!

Dr Maritoni - Italy



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