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Gil, I've taken many classes and have been searching for many years trying to find myself - Your class, your energy, your incredible caring, your ability to express, your willingness to listen without judgment, and many other fine qualities all mean so much to me. I have made more progress in my journey with you and through your workshop than I have at any other time in my life. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!


When I first talked to my husband about my Spirit Guides, he rolled his eyes at me like I was crazy, then looked at me like one might respond sympathetically to a mentally challenged person. It would infuriate me. But when my guides began helping me change my life, Bob asked me if my Spirit Guides could help him too. I told to take take his own damn workshop!

“I feel alive again and it feels great!

The workshop was brilliant - I loved every minute of it!

This should be a requirement for everyone on this planet to

connect to their Spirit Guides!” Michael - Arizona


Gil Alan’s Awaken Your Inner Guidance workshop was a life-changing experience for me. I didn’t know what to expect going in but I am astounded by the strong connection I now have with my Spirit Guides which just keeps getting better with each week that passes. It feels like my life has just completely opened up! I am so truly grateful for Gil’s expertise and loving guidance in this area.


I went into this whole thing not really knowing what to expect, but I was curious as to what might happen, if anything at all. Nothing could have prepared me for what I experienced in the following weeks as this workshop unfolded. The Guided Journeys Gil took us on were not always easy, but they were incredibly profound and truly magical!  I have honestly learned more about myself in this workshop than I have over my entire lifetime. And thanks to Gil I have learned the secret to manifesting my dreams and now have my team of Spirit Guides to guide me every step of the way.

This workshop is a fantastic journey of discovery that I just can’t recommend highly enough. Gil is a exceptional teacher with a big heart and a huge talent and vision. His unique approach to Spirit Guides and his simple no-nonsense approach to communicating with spirit has manifested an incredibly comprehensive workshop that is first class and worth its weight in gold. My entire perspective on life has changed and my limiting beliefs that have been holding me back for years are all fading away. Don’t even bother wasting time deciding if this is for you, just sign up and do it while you still have the chance!

“I thank you, Gil. Your work as a healer is amazing!

Everything is making sense now as I see the progression

taking place. I have learned the value of self love

and have come to understand the strength of character

I have earned in this life. After all these years I finally

feel like I’m in the drivers seat”!  Donna - Sydney


In the wee hours, I was drawn to the Replay of an interview that Darius Bazarandeh had with someone named "Gil Alan."  Prior to that moment, I had never heard of this person.  As I began listening, I found myself saying "yes" to everything that was being said, and the energy was purely Light.  In the interim, I began to feel clearer and lighter.  I listened to the Replay several times, and I knew I had to contact this person.  Even my skeptical, resistant husband listened with patience and agreed that Gil was different than the others.

By the following day, Saturday, I was in a conversation with Gil, a true gentleman and a humble, Spiritual Giant. We spoke for an hour, and the rest is history. Even my husband, the doubter was drawn to Gils Website, found it to be "pure”, and the doubter paid for the course!

The First workshop class was tender, yet powerful.  One of the things I immediately appreciated was the 20 minute break structured into the class, followed by a wonderful    Q & A session with feedback, which Gil offered, tirelessly.  I have worked with numerous individuals, bought countless programs, and I dare to say that coming from a "church going" background, the fears and resistance that I had to Spirits and Spirit Guides have been drastically diminished in the simple, safe, and pure approach that Gil offers. The individual feedback Gil and his assistants provide for the group are priceless. 

Over the past 8 weeks of having taken this course, I have become freer, bolder, I love myself more, I love others more, and have been effortlessly healing the relationship with myself and others, letting go of the unnecessary baggage, and have even approached unfamiliar people to whom I have delivered messages to from those spirits of deceased loved ones who have crossed over, and with accuracy.

Eight weeks into the course, another Spiritual Teacher suggested that I work together with him and "doing readings for others."  Just the thought of that happening is not only progress, but simply unbelievable! Gil is the real deal! Take this workshop! It’s a miracle!

“One of the best things I have ever done for myself.

It has only been 3 weeks since the workshop ended, and I can already see my life changing as I continue acting on the

inner guidance I’ve been receiving.”  William - Boston


What an amazing workshop!  The weekly classes really strengthened my connection and communications with my Spirit Guides.  I feel stronger and more confident in my ability to move forward with my life purpose knowing that my guides are right there beside me.  And the special ‘Bonus Class’ with Gail Baral was a fabulous addition to an already amazing journey! Thank you Gil for being in my life!

“I have never experienced love on this level before!

It’s hard to express what I feel right now, but everything

feels different. I am so deeply moved by all the love

and advice I received from my wonderful guides...

Beyond words”  Judith - UK


Do you remember the last time that you made a decision that changed your life?  I do.  It was a few months ago on the day that I decided to sign up for Gil Alan’s “Awaken Your Inner Guidance Workshop.”  All I can say is, "Take this workshop.  It is the chance of a lifetime to Shift your consciousness and discover your true self.  The guided journeys Gil leads you through are amazing.  You'll also be assigned your own dedicated journaling instructor and find yourself connecting deeply to your Spirit Guides before you know it! 

Everyone in the Private Facebook Group is so wonderful; we cheer each other on and help each other when the support is needed.  You will know after the first nights class that this workshop is by far worth thousands of dollars more than you paid for it.  Just do it!  Sign up for this amazing workshop and connect to your Spirit Guides!

“Such an amazing journey of the heart!

I laughed, I cried, I shared, I was touched, I was humbled,

and even rendered speechless at times. My heart is

full and my eyes wide open!” Amanda - New York


Gil, It was your call with Darius months ago that I first heard about you and your workshop.  At that time I was experiencing what some might call the dark night of the soul.  I felt extremely lost, alone and was in a very dark place of depression.  When I listened to your call, something inside me said "YES, take this course".  I remember driving my car listening to your call with Darius and what I really heard was " you don't have to be alone anymore". That stayed with me for days.  I listened to replay 3 times during that week just to see if I would have the same "yes" hit to take your course.  And every time it was a ‘yes’ and I am so grateful that I took that first step with you. 

The experience I have had connecting with my Spirit Guides has been so profound, truly beyond anything I could have ever imagined before learning how to connect with them through your guidance. Your process of the Guided Journeys created a safe container for me to trust and open my consciousness to the field of imagination and expansion. I experienced making contact with them in a very organic, loving way.  The process allowed my ‘ego mind’ to step aside, my body simply melted into relaxation and I felt safe as I began to trust the information I was getting and the images I would see during my journey. The next process of writing to my Guides and having a conversation with them has opened me up to embracing me again. Reading back on what they have shared with me brings tears to my eyes as I now know I am truly loved and supported by them and by life itself.  That I am not alone in this world anymore and I have the ability to connect with them, get guidance and take the next step for the evolution of my soul.

This workshop has given me the tools to re-connect with the divine part of myself that has given me strength and joy, stepping back into the light of love, self-confidence and trust. In a way I could say this is my new navigation center on the journey of life.  I tap in, ask, listen, and move forward step by step. 

This class has been truly amazing and I feel I am just scratching the surface with where this will take me. It has been such a pleasure learning with you Gil.  Thank you. I am so grateful for learning these tools, and I look forward to Re-Connecting again in August – yes, I’m taking this workshop again!. With so much love and appreciation

and until next time…

“It’s hard to imagine life before my Spirit Guides.

Even though I have always been surrounded by people,

I have always felt alone. Now I understand that I am never

alone and have never been.” Susan - Boulder


Gil’s online workshop had an incredible impact on me.  During this supportive and loving Workshop, I experienced a major shift in my understanding of the true nature and reality of “Spirit Guides”.  What happened after that can only be described as pure magic!

From the first day, Gil gave us clear, simple, and compelling ways for contacting our Spirit Guides, becoming friends with them, and even holding extensive conversations with these loving beings whom I soon felt to be clearly real.

Before I took this course, the concept of such beings as Spirit Guides being a reality had seemed a remote concept for me personally given my professional scientific background, but I now learned that I was not simply imagining them – they are real.

One of the many revelations that occurred for me during the workshop came near the beginning after I had decided to discuss with my guides the difficulty I was experiencing in ‘believing’ that they were “real”. Their simple response was to ‘TEST’ them out by asking them to do something!

At that time I was in a precarious situation financially and had just found out that I needed some major dental work that would cost more money than I knew how I could raise.  It seemed presumptuous to ask spiritual beings to pass a “test”, so I reluctantly I asked my guides in these exact words, “I ask you to make available to me, $1000, from an unexpected source, within the next two weeks”.

A little more than a week later, a friend of mine phoned to tell me that he had, without telling me, informed the people he was working with of my plight and asked if they could each contribute $10 to help me with my dental costs. He then proceeded to tell me had just mailed me a check for exactly, $1000!!!

This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! These people had not ever met me and yet they had opened their hearts to me as though I were a member of their family. The money itself was of great help on a practical level, but beyond its material value was the impact of the immediate and loving way in which this was done and the way in which my Spirit Guides had passed their “test”. The guides had obviously given me, word for word, exactly what I had asked for.  I would never doubt the reality of my guides again after that. This was a complete turn-around for me.

Gil’s workshop marked the beginning of a new relationship with my deepest, “highest” self. It has been a treasured experience that I am now begging all my friends to experience for themselves, for who knows how long it will be available to us?  I suggest that anyone who wants to transform their lives in a way never possible to them before, look into taking it this powerful and transforming workshop.

I am deeply grateful to Gil Alan, the all dedicated personal instructors whom he assigns to each of his students in the workshop, and to my beautiful Spirit Guides. This workshop is a true gift. It’s magic!

“Thank you for a wonderful workshop!!

I so loved connecting with my Spirit Guides and understanding more about who I am. Life is becoming easier now that I can access my own inner guidance” Jason - New Orleans


I can't even begin to tell you how awesome this workshop has been. I now feel like I have this special team of life coaches. They have helped me in so many ways. For instance I was having a reaction and couldn't figure out from what and my guides told me it was from a supplement that I was taking. They told me to stop it for 2 weeks and then resume taking it but at a much lower dose. It worked like a charm.

I am in the middle of a health crisis with heart problems, lung problems, COPD, severe allergies, chronic pain throughout my entire body, and other various ailments. They (guides) are now helping me to become well. They have guided me to start doing Qigong and I have been doing it for almost a month and my breathing has improved significantly and my chest pains and blood pressure are much better. I never would have stuck with it if they did not insist.

I come across so many supplements and self-development programs and I want to do it all but my guides have told me which ones I should not waste my time on and which ones I should buy. This has saved me a ton of money and I feel like I am starting to get really good results. I am moving forward now instead of in circles like before.

This experience has really changed my life and I know the communication will only get better! Keep doing what you are doing. It is such a relief to feel like we are not alone and have all these helpers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You are truly authentic, Gil, you are the real deal!

“I’m so proud of myself for doing this workshop.

Connecting to my Spirit Guides has been something I have

wanted to do for such a long time - I don’t know why I waited

so long. I think I was afraid for some reason. But these

classes were so easy and supportive it all unfolded

like a dream.”  Varsha - India


I recently completed Gil's workshop and I feel truly blessed to have been part

of this life changing experience. Although I was not the best student, as I did

not submit most of my homework because I was adjusting to a new work schedule just as the class started, my life has been impacted beyond measure. Through Gil's incredible journeys, I have been able to follow my stream of consciousness understanding and truly feeling at one with the cosmos. I now know my best self, and best of all, I have my guides, I like to call them, ‘My Guys’, who I have always kind of felt and heard from occasionally, yet now have names and personalities thanks to Gil!  I have already signed up for his next workshop and can only guess what pleasures are in store!  God bless you Gil!

“I was so surprised how easy it was to connect!

I had a lot of preconceived ideas of what it would be like, but it never dawned on me all I had to do was speak to them and they would respond. What a great concept!” Richard - Germany


I just wanted to share a bit of my personal experiences from taking Gil’s inspiring Workshop twice. (But I’m certainly not the only one who has taken this workshop multiple times). I once prayed for a more sacred and intimate relationship with my Spirit Guides. Two weeks later, I somehow found myself staring at Gil’s webpage for his workshop series.

What I love about Gil is how deeply he genuinely cares about his students. He is both wonderfully passionate and compassionate as a teacher. When I was struggling in the class, he never hesitated to personally reach out and help me extensively on a one-to-one basis, far more than he was ever obligated to do. Even if you don't think you have the natural intuitive abilities required for connecting to your guides, Gil will go the extra mile to help you and make sure you DO connect.

If you feel even the slightest nudge to take the class, I strongly encourage you to follow that hunch. How long have your guides been waiting in the wings for this chance to cross your path? Its quite possible that you’ve been divinely guided straight to Gil, as I was. If you take the leap, this workshop can very well transform the entire orbit of your life!

“I talk to my Spirit Guides every day now!

I love this process and I love my guides. I don’t know how I’ve managed before making this amazing connection. I have so much more confidence, and I am learning to love myself more and more.

I never feel alone anymore.”  Rachel - Los Angeles


Gil Alan’s workshop... High, high caliber! I have to tell you that I am very discriminating about what I choose to assist me with my expansion and I can say, without reservation, that Gil’s workshop is of the highest caliber. It was so well laid out and built upon itself, week by week, to a deeper and deeper level of connection with my Spirit Guides. Gil is a lovely soul and a very generous and dedicated teacher and my experience was utterly transformative.

When you take this workshop, you too can nourish the deepest part of who you are, while you are still here in the physical and allow yourself to fully discover, not only who you were, but who you are and who you can become. Once you have that knowing and accept your Spirit Guides into your life, you realize that the possibilities are truly limitless.

“I am living my truth every day now.

Of course there are times when I falter, but it has been so easy to stay on track with the guidance of my Spirit Guides. I’m living more authentically than I ever have lived before and it feels great!  Thank you, thank you!”   Phillip - San Francisco


When I started working with Gil, the connection with my guides became stronger than ever. I committed to the consistent practice of asking for guidance and receiving it. I also committed to acting on the guidance, as Gil emphasizes how important that is. What an amazing process and journey it has been! One thing that I found is that the more I acted on the guidance, the more guidance was provided. Actually, I would describe the guidance as getting bolder – pushing me outside my normal comfort zone.


It was about that time that we entered the eighth workshop Bonus Class with coach Gail Baral. This was absolutely transformational for me, as it really helped me focus on taking action on my guidance in my everyday reality at a greater level. I hired Gail as a coach and together we worked on taking baby steps on the bolder guidance I was receiving. Gail has also worked privately with Gil as a student and incorporates her own Inner Guidance into her coaching work and I really appreciate how my partnership with Gail includes our guidance as a key part of our work together. Together we have tackled projects that I would have put in the background in the past, simply because it was out of my comfort zone to take them on alone.


Gil and Gail are truly a dynamic duo and their work complements each other perfectly! With the guidance I am receiving and Gail’s coaching, I am moving forward in a new business venture, transforming relationships and taking practical steps to shape the quality of my life along the way. I am so grateful for the gift that has come from this whole experience!

I am so grateful to Gil and the process he has created

as I am truly reconnecting to the wisdom of my heart.”

Chriss - New York


I want to say THANK YOU to my personal Instructor Candice for being the most amazing and most wonderful Mentor anyone could have. The feedback you sent to me was brilliant - I enjoyed reading every word. If ever I had a question you always replied to me. Thank you Candice for being YOU.

Gil I loved every minute of your course, your Q&A's, and all the wonderful guest speakers that came in to work with us. Thank you both for giving me the opportunity to experience a unique and wonderful happening. With love and gratitude

There is no better investment

than becoming your own Source Of Guidance!

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