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In this Special 8 Week Workshop you will learn how to communicate conversationally with your own unique Inner Guidance through your Spirit Guides and Master Your Own Existence!

Connecting with your Spirit Guides is the fastest, most powerful, and effective way to step into the natural flow of your own Inner Guidance and expand your foundation of self love.

And there is nothing more transforming than making the commitment to take responsibility for your life when you become empowered as your own source of guidance.

There is nothing you really have to study in this workshop... the process is easy and seamless, it is simply a matter of practicing the art of allowing yourself to remember what you already know as you step into the multidimensional aspect of your Infinite Self.

Imagine having an amazing team of personal mentors, coaches, and advisors who access the highest wisdom, all at your disposal 24/7!

What is the lifetime value of creating a powerful connection to the Inner Guidance that help you navigate through any situation or life challenge that you will ever experience?

Do you realize how powerful this is?

Class Six - Meet Yourself in a Parallel Universe

This is a unique opportunity to meet the highest vibrational version of yourself in a parallel universe. You will experience yourself without all the baggage and self judgment you have been carrying in your life so you can witness your true potential.

Class Five - Healing Through Past Lives

2 Amazing past life journeys that will provide a wealth of new understanding. A unique opportunity to transform any negative energy from the past that is affecting your current life - while using the positive aspects to enhance your life.

Class Seven - Your Pre-Life Birth Plan

Here you will return to yourself as pure spirit consciousness looking in on your own life through the eyes and heart of spirit. You will discover what you came into this life to experience and better align with what your soul has been calling you to do with your life.

There is no better investment

than becoming your own Source Of Guidance!

Join us for this Extraordinary Journey

Registration Closes on March 31st!

Awaken Your Inner Guidance

Through his international workshops and private sessions, Gil Alan empowers people all over the world to become their own source of guidance by teaching them how to connect directly to their Inner Guidance through their Spirit Guides, as they experience a profound journey of self discovery and healing that pushes the doors of perception wide open!

Gil’s personal journey began only months after his mother’s death when she reached out to him from The Other Side to help him awaken to his own multidimensional nature and set him on his path.

Internationally Recognized Spiritual Luminary, Writer, Speaker & Author of the upcoming book...

The Other Side of Now

Gil Alan Your Workshop Host

I N  T H I S   

This is the one of the most comprehensive workshop experiences we know of to Awaken Your Inner Guidance.  The depth of the experience you will have collectively over the entire 8 weeks and the personal support you receive from our instructors is unparalleled. Gil will be right there with you through the live calls to help guide you through this life changing experience!


  Spiritual Guided Journeys

Open Access Sessions

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The guided journeys you will experience in class will take you beyond!

In this amazing workshop you will learn to access the Inner Guidance that will change your life forever!



You Will Go Beyond every other spiritual workshop you have ever experienced.

What you’ll learn...

Listen to  a few testimonials from some of our previous workshop participants...

Imagine what your life would feel like if you had the Infinite Guidance and Support necessary to help you transform all areas of your life?

Personal Instructor Sessions

G U I D E D   J O U R N E Y S

Class One - Meet your Spirit Guides

In your first journey you are guided into a very deep, relaxing state, making it easy to connect with your 3 main Spirit Guides. Each of your guides will introduce themselves and you will spend a little time getting to know them and getting use to their energy frequency.

Class Two - Why Your Guides Are Here

In your second class you’ll be guided through another journey where you reconnect with your 3 Spirit Guides to find out what aspects of your life each of your guides is here to assist you.

Class Three - Getting Guidance

Once you understand what your Guides are here to help you with, it’s time to begin seeking guidance! On your third Guided Journey your Spirit Guides will advise you on how to begin moving forward in the critical areas of your life.

Class Four - Meet Your Angels

After meeting your Spirit Guides we just couldn’t leave out the opportunity to connect you to your wonderful loving Angels! In this class you will meet your personal Angels and take a very special journey with them.

Take a look at these incredibly expansive journeys you will experience through the series of workshop classes!

  1. Show up in your life feeling certain of who you are, feeling grounded, confident, and secure, and understanding your role in the world.

  1. Attract the right people into your life and create deeper more loving and meaningful relationships - stop reliving the same old pattern of attracting negative relationships.

  1. Develop a more loving relationship with yourself so you no longer have to experience the pain of feeling unworthy, confused, insignificant or unwanted.

  1. Dissolve the unbearable pain of having Unfulfilled Dreams by knowing how to move through the fears and blocks that paralyze you from moving forward.

  1. Receive the super clear guidance and the confidence you need on making career direction & business decisions.

  1. Expand your awareness into higher realms of consciousness and see from new perspectives that will raise your vibration and guide you to new opportunities of infinite possibility.

And How Would It Feel If You Could...

  1. Never worry about the future because you know you have all the guidance necessary to create and claim the life you want.

  1. Release all your destructive thoughts of self judgment and be at peace with yourself and the world around.

  1. Understand what truly creates all illness and what is needed to return to a more balanced state of radiant health.

  1. Be comfortable enough with who you are to honor and express your true thoughts & feelings so you can live authentically.

  1. Truly know that you are not alone, that you are loved and supported at the very highest level by source.


Yes, you will actually have a personal instructor available to help guide you through all your class assignments!

building the foundation of your workshop experience

personal support available to every student

Your class assignments are extremely easy, they provide you with an opportunity for tremendous growth in developing a deep relationship with your Spirit Guides while getting to know yourself on a deeper level as well. To make sure you get the most out of this opportunity, we provide you with your own personal instructor to guide you through each of your class assignments to make sure you get the highest level of support in this area.

Getting one-on-one weekly personal support in a workshop at this price point is pretty much unheard of - but this workshop has the potential to produce such a high transformational experience that Gil insists on as much personal support for every student as possible! All of our instructors are fully trained to serve you and guide you at the highest level. You’re gonna love it!

P E R S O N A L   S U P P O R T  

It makes ALL the difference!

O P E N   A C C E S S  

Open Access is your opportunity to have a meaningful in depth conversation with Gil on just about any subject you can think of... including all areas of the workshop.

an expansive conversation with GIL ALAN

This is definitely one of our students favorite parts of the workshop. Gil is such a generous and caring teacher who loves to share and engage in conversation with his students. The channelings that come through during these calls are so rich with information, they are simply priceless.

You can participate in the Open Access calls by phone, or the webcast and are generally schedule about every 2 weeks. This is such a wonderful opportunity for you to get one-on-one help directly from Gil and progress even further with Gil’s personal support and guidance.

previous students express their feelings!

You will love all the nurturing support and guidance you’ll receive from your

personal instructor.  





As you progress through the sequence of these wonderful Journeys of self discovery and healing - you will strengthen your connection to your Spirit Guides as you raise your vibration and expand your awareness of your own true multidimensional nature.

F A C E B O O K   G R O U P

a private group for student interaction & Growth

Our private Facebook Group is another opportunity for you to connect with Gil as well as with other students.

Many online workshops have Facebook Groups for their students, but it’s a rarity when then teacher or instructor takes the time to actually answer every student’s questions. But in this workshop that’s exactly what you get! Gil truly cares about the progress of every single student and he is on the Facebook Group regularly to answer every question that is posted... as we said, a true rarity.

Our Facebook Group is also a wonderful place to connect with other students that are going through the same experience you are. It’s a very supportive environment where you can share your thoughts, your fears, your struggles, and your wins. It’s a place where you can feel safe to be YOU without any judgement.

Special Bonus Class





What happens in the workshop...  

What Can I Expect When I Sign-Up?  

Here’s How It Works...

As soon as you sign-up you’re going to receive these materials to get you started!

Your Workshop Preparation Instructions PDF

The Guided Mantra Meditation MP3’s & PDF

The Guided Relaxation Journey MP3 & PDF

This PDF will give you all the instructions you need to get you started and tell you what you’ll need in order to have a great workshop experience.

This super easy to follow meditation will bring you into a peaceful, balanced, grounded state, and raise your vibration.

You’re going to love this beautiful Relaxation Journey! Enter a deep state of relaxation, expand your imagination, and reconnect to your heart. It’s easy and effortless!

Our preparation materials are designed to raise your vibration and help open your connection to Spirit so by the time the workshop begins you will be ready to go!

Once The Workshop Begins...

On the first day of the workshop you will receive access to all the class materials on our website.

The workshop is extremely flexible - you can take the classes the assignments on your own schedule - no need to show up at a specific time.

The Guided Journeys

The Class Assignments

Our Open Access Calls

There are 7 separate Journeys to experience using our high quality MP3’s that stream online. Each journey runs approx. 1 hour and you can take each of the journeys on your own schedule.

There are 7 simple assignments to do which you will submit to your personal instructor who will assist you through the process and support you through each of your assignments.

Every 10 - 15 days Gil will meet with you on the Open Access calls to answer you questions, assist you where you need assistance and guide the group through further expansion.

Our Private Facebook Group

You don’t have to join, but there is a lot of great information exchanged here and Gil will address all students questions personally.

The Guided Journeys were not only profound but truly magical. These journeys are much more than mere meditations. They are journeys of discovery where Gil masterfully guided us to uncover the deeper hidden truths of our unconscious minds.  The great thing about the Guided Journeys is that every time you take them you will discover new insights that expand your awareness. These journeys are timeless.

Matt Searborn - Architect FAIA

G U I D E D  J O U R N E Y S


Former Student...  

The single most powerful and essential element in cultivating a life of greater joy, self-love, inner peace, healing, abundance, and creating miracles is to become your own Source Of Guidance.

Learning to access your own unique Inner Guidance through your Spirit Guides is the foundation for being your own source of guidance and mastering your own existence! Once you are able to connect to your own Inner Guidance you will be tapped into the realm of infinite possibilities while co-creating with the universe. It doesn’t get any better than this!

This workshop is designed for those who are seeking a connection to their Spirit Guides for the first time, or have made previous connections to their guides but have not been able to sustain the connections without assistance.

By the end of this Workshop, YOU WILL have a solid connection to your Spirit Guides and the infinite wisdom and guidance that will serve you for the rest of your life.


All this for only...


Call us crazy!

T H E   W O R K S H O P     

There are            main components of this workshop that work together in a unique synergy to Awaken Your Inner Guidance.

Let’s take a quick look at each component...  

T H E  G U I D E D  J O U R N E Y S  

Gil will guide you through a series of spiritual journeys that take you on a profound experience of self discovery and healing.  

8  Amazing Spiritual Journeys!


Begins September 1st

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$1,500 Value

Do you want to be truly happy? Do you want to finally be fulfilled? Do you want to feel good every single day of your life?

Your Spirit Guides provide the easiest, fastest, and most sustainable way to access the Incredible Transformational Power of your own Inner Guidance! This connection will give you access to all the divine wisdom and guidance you will ever need to support you - and your journey in life will become truly inspired.

That Will Change Your Life!

Find the answers to your biggest life questions from within and get the guidance you need to move forward!

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Awaken Your Inner Guidance




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Empowering the human experience



Your Inner Guidance

W O R K S H O P 

L I S T E N     

These live calls with Gil Alan offer a unique series of profound conversations that will help you progress through the workshop and expand your awareness in many areas.  

O P E N   A C C E S S 



about their workshop experience?  

they have a lot to say!  




Let Your Spirit Guides

Take You On A Journey

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“I thank you, Gil. Your work as a healer is amazing!

Everything is making sense now as I can see the clear progression taking place. I have learned the immense value of self love and have come to understand the strength of character that I have earned in this life. And after all these years I finally, (and that’s a BIG finally) feel like I’m in the drivers seat!   

Donna - Nashville

“I feel alive again and it feels great!

The workshop was brilliant. I really loved every minute of it! This should be a requirement for everyone on this planet to connect to their Spirit Guides!”

Michael - Arizona

“I have never experienced love on this level before!

It’s hard to express what I feel right now, but everything feels different. I am so deeply moved by all the love and advice I received from my wonderful guides... Beyond words” 

Judith - UK

“The Open Access calls with Gil are the heartbeat                   of the Workshop.  We all received immense wisdom from Gil as we came to know the warm and generous heart of a great teacher totally devoted to his students.  Gil extends inspired personal help to any student who reaches out to him during these calls, even if that means the call lasts 4 or 5 hours until each person is served.  The Open Access calls alone can change your life!

Patricia Carrington - New Jersey

“Such an amazing journey of the heart! 

I laughed, I cried, I shared, I was touched, I was humbled, and even rendered speechless at times. My heart is full and my eyes wide open!” 

Amanda - New York

“So surprised how easy it was to connect with Spirit Guide.

I had a many preconceived ideas what it would be like, but it never dawned on me all I had to do was speak to them and they would respond. What a great concept!” 

Richard - Germany

“I talk to my Spirit Guides every day now!

I love this process and I love my guides. I don’t know how I’ve managed before making this amazing connection to my guides. I have so much more confidence, and I am learning to love myself more and more. I never feel alone anymore.”  

Rachel - Los Angeles

“My husband rolled his eyes at me like I was crazy.

When I first talked to my husband about my Spirit Guides, he looked at me like one might respond sympathetically to a mentally challenged person. It would infuriate me. But when my guides began helping me change my life, Bob asked me if my guides could help him too. I told to take take his own damn workshop!  

Arlene - Portland

“I’m so proud of myself for doing this workshop.

Connecting to my Spirit Guides has been something I have wanted to do for such a long time - I don’t know why I waited so long. I think I was afraid for some reason. But these classes were so easy and supportive it all unfolded like a dream.”   

Varsha - India

“It’s hard to imagine life before my Spirit Guides.

Even though I have always been surrounded by people, I have always felt alone. Now I understand that I am never alone and have never been. A revelation.

Susan - Boulder

“I am living my truth every day now.

Of course there are times when I falter, but it has been so easy to stay on track with the guidance of my Spirit Guides. I’m living more authentically than I ever have lived before and it feels great to trust myself!  Thank you, thank you!

Phillip - San Francisco

“One of the best things I have ever done for myself.

It has only been 3 weeks since the workshop ended, but I can already see my life changing as I continue acting on the inner guidance I’ve been receiving.

William - Boston

“Working with my personal instructor was fabulous!

He meticulously guided me through the journaling process offering so much valuable insight on top of what I was already receiving from my guides that it was like having a high-end personal mentor. I have taken a lot of workshops but I’ve never experienced this level of support through an online workshop. This was an outstanding experience all the way!”

Gretchen Wallis - London