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25 Minutes Can Change The World

By Gil Alan

How many times have you heard people say that they want to change the world? Currently there are over 7 billion people on this planet, and for most of us, when you get down to the core of what’s really important to us, the wish list of the things we all want for ourselves, our loved ones, and the rest of the world, is basically the same.

And yet, with all the best intentions and hopes of this global community, the world has been changing at a ridiculously slow pace. Yes, it is true, there are individuals and groups of people out there doing amazing things and adding to the overall transformation of this planet, but is there something more that can be done? Is it possible that there is something we’ve been missing, something that’s been continually overlooked about the nature of reality and who we truly are? 

What if every person on this planet is a powerful conduit of energy? And what if we could merge enough of these individual conduits of energy together to produce one enormous conduit of energy? I’m not sure who made the original statement about snowflakes that said, “Snowflakes are one of nature’s most fragile things, but just look at what they can do when they stick together.”, but whoever that was, had the right idea about harnessing energy.

The Technology of Intention

The amazing technology of intention is nothing new, it has been around since, well, forever. But somewhere along the line until recently, we had forgotten that ‘Intention’ is the basic concept behind the Law of Attraction. Intention is a powerful means of activating and allowing transformation. And all of our individual intentions can be brought together and activated through the power of ONE!

Group Meditation and Prayer

There have been many studies done about the power of group meditation and prayer, and whether or not these studies have been able to identify exactly how it works with scientific certainty, the conclusions are generally the same – it works! The concentrated focus of energy being merged together through group meditation or prayer, representing a single intention, can and does, have an effect on the physical reality of this world.

Much like the way the Internet functions to send and receive information, there is an invisible energy grid that encircles our planet for the same purpose of sending and receiving energy. All human beings are connected to the source energy, as we are each a piece of source energy, as well as being connected to each other – and each of us acts as an energy point on the grid.

Group prayer can be very effective on producing a desired outcome, but group meditation done properly, is even more powerful. Through meditation you enter the stillness and silence required to access your connection to source energy as you connect to the infinite expression of yourself and expand into higher consciousness. From this place you can become a powerful lighthouse of energy. And by setting a focused intention to direct this energy to, the meditation state will facilitate your intention by transforming it into energy and sending it out to the grid.

The Power Of Global Meditation

With masses of people meditating in unity with a single focus of intention, the grid will become supercharged with energy surging through its multi-layered conduit, encircling the planet with the energy of a unified intention. This supercharged energy from the grid will simultaneously shoot laser beams of intention out into the universe, as it also radiates them back down towards the earth.

Energy is always searching for an outlet to manifest, and when the energy is of a focused intention, this energy will manifest into its desired intention.

Through Unity Of Consciousness

So imagine the possibility when millions or billions of people around the world are meditating simultaneously with a unified intention – the possibilities are endless! We can actually transform the world through unity of consciousness, and this is not just a Utopian dream.

The physical world we live in is conditioned, governed, and shaped by our collective consciousness. The true nature of reality is that of infinite possibility. Reality is malleable… it is controlled by energy, which is fluid and transformative. Reality can be shaped and reshaped at will by readjusting the consciousness that creates it and holds it together. If we work together as ONE for the highest good, we can create anything we choose. It is simply a choice, and the choice is ours.

If we could effect such a coordinated effort of a global meditation, where a critical mass of the population in all areas of the world were to participate once or twice a month for 25 minutes, it would be one of the most powerful, progressive, transforming movements of our time.

A global event of this magnitude would harness the individual energy of every participant into a single-minded focus of intent so powerful, it would create a nuclear fusion on the quantum level that would produce phenomenal effects. And through this Unity of Consciousness, we would forever change the world we live in!

The Global Mind and Global Heart

We are now living in the age of conscious evolution. We can consciously make the changes we need, not only to survive, but to thrive, flourish, and expand beyond our wildest expectations. The new way forward needs to be from the Global Mind and Heart, and it needs to be proactive. Is it not time to move beyond our hopes and boldly choose to step into the KNOWING of who we are and what we are capable of creating?

Working together through the Global Mind and Heart is not about losing our individuality, it’s about shifting into the understanding of who we really are, and accessing the true power of ONE to make the necessary changes we are all longing for. It’s about taking responsibility for our world and making the quantum leap to the next stage of evolution. The only limitations we have, are the ones we have been programmed to accept.

Would you contribute 25 minutes of your life once or twice a month to change the world?

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