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“a deeply intimate and unforgettable journey of discovery.”

Your future children have the most amazing insights to share with you!

Did you know you could develop relationships with your future children before they even arrive? Whether you’re an expecting mom, in the planning stages, or currently in the process of trying to achieve a pregnancy, this session will connect you to those souls that are waiting to come in and grace you with the opportunity for expansion, life lessons, and most importantly... love!

Can you imagine the sheer joy and exhilaration of being able to speak to these souls who have chosen to share a life with you? You’ll be amazed how easy it is to connect to the souls of your future children with the help of your Spirit Guides. This is an incredible experience that will take you on deeply profound journey of the heart that you will never forget.

How will meeting your Future Children benefit you?

Knowledge is power, and when you have an understanding of why these souls have chosen you and what they are coming in to experience in this lifetime, you are so much more empowered to support them on the level of what they truly need rather than what you may think they need, based on your own personal beliefs or perceptions.

Every soul has individual needs that are unique only to them, and all souls are here for different reasons. The more you understand what they are here for, the easier you will be able to assist them. And when you raise your children and assist them based on their individual needs, the easier the process is for everyone involved.

Are you having challenges achieving pregnancy?

There are a wide variety of reasons that you can experience challenges in becoming pregnant. Every situation is unique to the individual. Many times these challenges can be overcome by simply understanding what the root cause of the challenge is so you can release it or transform it.

Even when there are medical issues at hand, the medical issue is only a symptom of a greater underlying issue to be dealt with. The souls of your future children can tell you exactly what these underlying issues are and help you to resolve them so your pregnancy can be achieved. These souls would not have chosen you and be waiting to come in if your pregnancy wasn’t possible.

* This session does not take the place of having medical care, but the two can work hand-in hand to serve each other and help you get the results you want!

“How can you describe an indescribable experience so profound it just goes beyond

anything you thought possible? I was thrilled meeting my Spirit Guide, but when my precious little Audrey came through I wept. Audrey told me there was an old book that contained our family history but I had never heard of this. After asking every relative I could think of I finally found the book! I had been having trouble getting pregnant and was becoming very discouraged. Audrey explained to me that I was going to have to quit my job or scale back and take better care of myself before she could come through. I went out on a limb and quit. Six months later I was pregnant! Audrey is exactly as she described she would be and the greatest joy of our lives.

Jenny  - Seattle, Washington

“This was one of those beyond, beyond, beyond, amazingly awesome experiences!

In my session with Gil we spoke to my yet-to-be-born children in the spirit realm that were waiting to come in. Can you even imagine being able to speak to your children before they’re born, to make plans with them, to share with them, to understand who they are, what prior connections we’ve had in past lives, knowing what they will be like before they are even born, and what challenges we may face!!?? This was an unbelievable experience to say the least! After having so much difficulty and even loses while trying to conceive, this experience completely eased my mind and spirit - opening the door for my two beautiful children.”

Vanessa -Lafayette, Colorado

“I had my session with Gil on one of the darkest nights of my entire life!

The morning after my session I had an appointment to terminate my pregnancy. I already had two beautiful but rambunctious boys. Money was tight and I really didn’t know if I could handle one more child. Hana told me she was coming in to help balance the dynamics of the boys. She was so loving and wise and explained that if I chose to terminate there would be no loss - that we had been together before and we would be together again in one way or another. I tossed and turned all night, but in the morning it was as clear and I cancelled my appointment at the clinic. I could not imagine life without my wonderfully wise and loving girl. She is like a second mother to our boys. We all adore her!”

Kerri - Melbourne, Australia

Pre-Birth Contact

A Deeply Intimate And Empowering Journey Of Discovery.

This Pre-Birth Contact with your future children is an extraordinary 2 to 3 hour journey of discovery. The incredibly valuable insight offered from these beautiful souls is most definitely a game changer.  Even the best parents will experience a process of hit and miss in figuring out how to best raise your kids. But imagine having the knowledge and foresight that will empower you to provide the loving support your future children need in exactly the way they need it before they even arrive.

Find out the total number of children that will be coming in. For multiple souls, find out the order that each child will be arriving, and why.

Discover what the gender of each child will be and why they chose it.

Each future child will explain what they are coming into this life to experience from an overall perspective, such as life lessons, paths, unfinished business, etc.

They will explain why have specifically chosen you, or you and your partner to parent them.

Discover possible past life connections and relationships shared between you and your future children.

Understand the dynamics between each of the individual siblings coming in.

Your future children will reveal some of the main personality traits they have chosen for themselves.

They will share invaluable information on the best way to parent, support, and nurture each of them due to their needs and the unique nature of their journey.

Find out what you can do to best assist them and their development while they are still in the womb.

Ask them anything else you want to know.

Here are some of things you can experience while communicating with your future children.

Every journey is a personal experience unlike any other.

What exactly will I experience on this journey?


Newly Arriving Souls

For those who are having trouble achieving pregnancy, these souls can offer great insight that will reveal the underlaying mental and emotional issues of why you are experiencing challenges. Your future children will guide you to exactly what you need to do in order to transform your situation so you will be ready to conceive. The insight to be gained here is simply amazing.

Pregnancy Complications

The loss of a child through a miscarriage can be a devastating experience. A loss often leaving you without any concrete answers which can lead to self-blame, feelings of emptiness, and depression.  Connecting to the soul of your yet to be born child can give you the answers, the understanding, and the hope you need to resolve your loss and move forward.


The Newly Arriving Souls session is a unique opportunity that can transform your life and the lives of everyone in your family. By stepping into the realm of infinite possibility, you will be taking a quantum leap that will open your heart as you have never experienced it before!

A fantastic added bonus

of this experience...

is getting to meet your Primary Spirit Guide as they assist you throughout this journey. Your Spirit Guides are a part of your built in guidance system and they can help you expand to new levels of awareness you never thought possible!

Through his international workshops and private sessions, Gil Alan empowers people all over the world to become their own unique source of guidance by teaching them how to connect directly to their Inner Guidance through their Spirit Guides, - experiencing a profound journey of self discovery and healing that push the doors of perception wide open!

The Other Side of Now

International Spiritual Luminary, Writer, Speaker, and Author of the upcoming book...


Newly Arriving Souls

3-Hour Private Journey

To find out more about how The Newly Arriving Souls Journey can transform your life - email us to schedule a free 20-minute private consultation with Gil Alan before booking your session. Please allow us 48 hours to respond.

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