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What is it and how do you get there?

Gil Alan shares his perspective along with 10 easy ways to achieve ascension.

Pursuing a full time career and juggling the responsibilities of everyday life  while trying to walk a spiritual path need not be all that challenging.

Ascension is merely a shift in consciousness. It is a step-by-step process of achieving greater awareness that comes in stages, each stage of new awareness is another level or aspect of ascension.

There is no such thing as a grand cosmic leap into complete nirvana or ultimate awareness – this is a fallacy. And if you think you know of anyone who has actually achieved an ultimate state of awareness, then please call me, because I have an amazing piece of prime property on a large bed of desert quicksand that would be perfect for you to build a home… and I can sell it to you really cheap! Yes, there are times you may experience greater leaps of consciousness into a new awareness, but on the whole, ascension is a gradual process of growth and understanding.

The living of life itself is a natural process of ascension whether you are consciously seeking ascension or not.  Every relationship you encounter, every challenge you deal with, every new idea you contemplate, every road you travel, will bring you into a greater awareness of yourself, the space within you and the space around you.

You do not have to focus on becoming spiritual, you are already spiritual by the very nature of your origin. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. You cannot try to become that which you already are, for there is nowhere to go… you are already there! Ascension is not about becoming spiritual, it is about expanding your state of consciousness through greater levels of awareness.

Everyone on this planet is going to ascend to various new levels of awareness during their life experience no matter how long or short their time here may be – it is inescapable.

The very nature of life itself will change you. Every human being enters the continual process of ascension from the very time of conception until death, as you are constantly changing from moment to moment, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I know, you may be wondering about those people who appear to never change and grow, or who may appear to actually change for the worse, but remember this… what you see on the surface is never the totality of all that is transpiring internally within any given person on this planet. Looks are deceiving, and assumptions are blinding!

Since free-will reigns supreme throughout the dimensions of conscious intelligence, every person on this planet is here by choice to experience contrast in one form or another. And even for those we may view to have taken to a downward path of self-destruction, or pursuing unthinkable extremes, like propagating mass genocide, everyone will come to experience some form of ascension before departing from their current life.

In the eyes of experience – all experience is valid. There is something to be learned from every experience whether that experience is deemed good or bad. So from a broader perspective, whatever the degree or shape of the contrast being experienced, there is greater awareness to be achieved in every aspect of every experience, for everyone involved.

Where you can achieve greater control over your ascension process is simply by choosing to be more consciously aware of your life and all that touches it.

There are so many different ways to expand your awareness, and virtually anything you do will add to your ascension. But I’m going to give you 10 areas of awareness to focus on that I have found to be extremely important to my own expansion.

For Greater Expansion

Areas Of Awareness


You can achieve greater control over your ascension process by simply choosing to become more aware of your life.

1. Self Examination

Self-examination is a very powerful process that allows greater insight and expansion through reflection.  The act of reflection takes place in the mind as we look at ourselves and examine our experiences through the light of thought. And when we allow our thoughts to be guided by the truth that lies within our hearts, we will see with greater clarity.

Many people shy away from self-examination because they find it too painful to see the truth. But the suffering experienced by suppressing the truth is never ending – it will tear you apart and destroy your foundation of self-love on many levels. There are many aspects to every individual… we can shift and change perspectives, and we can choose to embody any of the aspects of self that we want to experience. So there is no need to fear looking into our selves on a deeper level, because whatever we find that we may not like, we can always change.

The art of self-examination will always guide you to greater perspective on your personal choices and help you take greater responsibility for your own life.

2. Letting Go Of Beliefs

Because the nature of reality is malleable, personal beliefs can be so limiting and misguiding. A belief is only fully valid within the confines and structure of that belief. Once you open up to other perspectives, the belief becomes only one possibility, and therefore is no longer absolute. It will only remain absolute if you choose to shut out all other possibility… and that is only a choice.

There is nothing wrong with exploring ideas and beliefs, we should all explore as much as possible, but becoming too attached to any one belief or belief system is really going to slow down your expansion into greater awareness. When you are firmly attached to one particular belief system, you can become boxed in to that one particular perspective which will limit what the universe is able to bring you, and how it is brought to you – so why put limitations on yourself?

Even if you are leaning more toward one perspective than another, allow yourself to stay open to the realm of possibility and this will always serve you better.

3. Listen To Your Heart

Your heart is the inner compass that will guide you to where you need to be. When you learn to trust the wisdom of your heart over the limitations of so called, ‘Rational Thinking’, you will always find greater clarity and expanded awareness. The human mind is often confused and muddied by too many unnecessary thoughts to trust it’s reasoning as its perceptions are limited to its thoughts – but the heart is always immersed in a deep inner truth that aligns to your souls calling and expanded awareness.


When you come from the heart you will always be in the highest vibration possible for the moment. This will guide you to make the best possible choices in all situations.

4. Sharing Perspectives

Sharing your experiences and ideas with others, can offer profound insight. Many times I have thought I’ve had a clear insight to a situation or an idea, and after sharing my own insight with others, I came to realize my insight wasn’t all that clear, or perhaps only limited to my own perspective. Additional perspectives will always offer greater insight because the nature of reality is that all perspectives are valid in the realm of infinite possibility.

5. Follow Your Dreams

Setting out on the journey to follow your dreams is one of the most important things you will ever do. No one can truly be fulfilled without following their dreams, because your dreams and passions are your soul's calling. You must answer the calling of the soul in order to achieve any meaningful personal fulfillment, otherwise you will always be living with the feeling or sensation that something is missing.

So whatever your dreams may be, whether you are actively engaged in living your dreams, or only at the stage where you are contemplating them, share them with others. Sharing your dreams with others allows a safe space for others to share their dreams as well. Once you have shared your dreams, you have begun the process of taking ownership for your dreams  - And this will bring you to the threshold of taking those first few steps of setting out on the journey.

When more of the world is filled with people passionately engaged in following their dreams… amazing things will happen. You will live in a world inspired – and with that, anything is possible. Talk about ascension!

6. The Elements Of Nature

Another great way to boost the ascension process is to connect with nature’s elemental resources. We often take for granted the incredible versatility within the vast array of nature that we share this planet and the universe with. The air you breath, the water you drink, the sun you bask in, the food you eat, the plants that protect you, the stars and planets you gaze at, all these elements of nature can provide you with much more than you may be aware of.

The mere act of being out in nature will help to ground you and nourish your soul – but you can take it even farther. There is conscious intelligence in all elements of nature, and the consciousness of nature holds some of the greatest wisdom you will ever experience… So talk to elements… Ask questions… And listen! The elements contain no human ego, and you can gain additional perspectives on life that may have never entered your consciousness before.

The next time you’re outside, make a conscious effort to interact with the elements… take them all in at once as if enjoying the individual musical instruments of a symphony through the sound of union, or focus on the unique beauty of each and every element separately as if having dinner with your best friend. Stand outside in stillness and humble yourself to the wisdom of the wind, let it wash over you and inspire you.

7. Meditation

Daily meditation will connect you to the deepest and purest aspect of yourself, which is, to simply “BE.” There is no other practice that I know of in this physical dimension that will offer you such a magical and transformational experience. Meditation is a keystone to achieving inner peace, healing, and cultivating self-love.

The silent quality of meditation honors the art of receptivity and makes it possible to hear the universe as it speaks to us, responds to our questions, or sits with us in silence.

Through meditation you enter the stillness and silence required to access your connection to source energy as you connect to the infinite and expand your awareness of higher consciousness. From this place you can become a lighthouse of energy and experience a sublime journey beyond the extraordinary.

8. Happiness, Joy & Fun

Happiness is not a destiny, it’s a choice. Choosing to enjoy all aspects of your life is not only within your power, but it is essential to your expansion and your wellbeing. Having fun and being joyful frees your spirit. It unleashes the core energy of who you really are and allows your spirit (which is you) to experience the same joy and freedom it naturally experiences in its pure organic non-physical state, through the physical.

When you are happy and joyful, you are in total alignment with your true spiritual nature as conscious intelligence. And when you are in alignment with the infinite part of who you are, you will see just how ridiculous all of your worries truly are, as the paradox of life’s beauty and pain are seen through the crystal clear light of equality. From this place you can cherish and appreciate both with equal value.

9. Service

Being of service doesn’t require donating your time to a particular charitable organization, although this is certainly a generous offering. But being of service should not be thought of as something you do once in a while, or for a limited amount of time, here and there. Being of service is a ‘way of being’, it is a philosophy of life, a guiding principal of behavior. It is a commitment to yourself to always be guided from a place of kindness without motive in all situations.

When you are offering service to another from an open heart, that’s when the true power of love is activated. Helping others achieve what they want will always bring you closer to what you want, as giving without motive is an act of pure kindness that has incredibly far-reaching affects.

When you are being of service for no other reason than to be of service, you are increasing your love and appreciation for yourself, which results in allowing yourself to have what you want in your own life. And as you lead by example, you will be helping others to step into the flow of love and appreciate for themselves.

10. Self Love

Love is the universal language that holds everything together. Love is the most expansive vibrational frequency in existence. It is mathematics in its purest form. It is the absolute, and nothing can penetrate it, break it down, or break it apart. It cannot be weakened, it cannot be destroyed. Love is all there is - nothing exists without it.

When all is said and done, there is only one thing that truly matters… LOVE. It’s the universal language that holds everything together. Love is the most expansive vibrational frequency in existence. It is mathematics in its purest form. It is the absolute, and nothing can penetrate it, break it down, or break it apart. It cannot be weakened – it cannot be destroyed. Love is all there is – nothing exists without it.

To love your self unconditionally is the ultimate form of self-actualization. Not many of us will ever achieve this completely, and that’s ok, but it is the most important thing we can strive for in this life. And here’s why:

Your foundation of Self- Love is the optical and emotional lens of clarity in which you view the world. The level of LOVE you hold for YOURSELF creates your vision of the world and becomes the compass that directs you to make the all choices you make from moment to moment that form the overall picture of your life.

If you are having trouble developing a stronger foundation of Self Love, you can always open up to it simply by focusing on any or all of the other areas of awareness listed above. Once you choose to become more consciously aware of your life from any perspective, you are going to shift into a greater awareness of Self Love at some point, it is unavoidable.

The process of ascension need not be thought of as a separate focus or task removed from everything else that occupies your everyday life – merging the two together and allowing them to assist each other is the natural process of life, so why not work with that? The key to working within the flow of this natural process is through the choice of becoming more consciously aware of as many different aspects of life as possible – it’s that simple! The more perspectives you are able to see through, the greater your awareness will become.

Choose to be conscious and aware as you move through life. Engage in the self-examination of your experiences and your actions. Share you experiences with others and be open to new perspectives offered. Talk with nature and listen to its wisdom. Follow your dreams at all cost. Learn to live from the wisdom of the heart, rather than the limitations of your mind. And most importantly, cultivate Self Love and love yourself for the incredibly courageous spiritual being that you are. Use as many methods as you can to achieve greater perspective.

The one thing I can share with you that I have learned through my own personal journey of ascension, is that when you reach the point when you realize the only constant truth, is that of infinite possibility – and with everything you have learned so far, you still know nothing… then, and only then, are you beginning to make any meaningful progress at all.

You cannot understand or experience the infinite from a place of the finite. And as long as you are in duality as a spiritual being having a human experience, no matter how vast or great your expansion of awareness becomes, you will have only experienced awareness on a level similar to scooping up a small cup of water from out of the incredibly vast ocean. So be grateful for the cup of water, be happy with the exploration and exchange of all ideas, have as much fun as possible, and enjoy your life! Your ascension is already in progress… and there’s no stopping it!