Her work is unlike anything you may have experienced. To anyone looking for an exceptional Animal Communicator/Healer, for your  Horses, Dogs, Cats, Birds, Jesse’s compassionate nature and authentic ability will help you make the deep connection you are looking for.

Jesse Goldman

Animal Communicator & Healer

A beautiful soul with a loving heart, Kaira offers a wonderful balance of both psychic and medium readings. Her readings will take you deeper than most psychic readings will ever go - This is truly divine guidance at the highest level. Kaira helped me find the truth and to see clearer - you’ll love her!

Kaira Sherman

Psychic - Medium

As Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Linda specializes in “Past Life” and “Life Between Life” regressions. If you’ve ever wanted to visit a past life or check out life beyond the veil, all I can say is... this will blow your mind, and then some!  Working with Linda changed my life!

Linda Gabriel

Author and Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist

Angelic Letters are written by Jessica Bernard, using her gift of intuitive abilities to hear and communicate with your angels, and channel their messages of divine guidance through her writing. These messages from your angels will fill your heart in a very special way. She has a website for Spanish and English.

Jessica Bernard


Peggy describes herself as a “Transducer, Scribe and Witness” for her team of multi-dimensional beings that she channels. Peggy’s amazing work is helping to awaken humanity to our multi-dimensional selves. If it wasn’t for Peggy I probably would not be channeling today. Check out her website - she rocks!

Peggy Black

Author and Multi-Dimensional Channel

Rebecca Rosen is the gifted medium who helped me connect with my mother on several occasions after her passing. Her connection to the spirits is extremely clear and accurate. If you’ve lost a loved one I highly recommend using Rebecca to help you reconnect.

Rebecca Rosen

Author and Medium

Wendy L. Yost, Owner of More is Available Coaching & Consulting - is a wonderful guide for expanding perspectives and possibilities, with a greater ease and enjoyment through Life Coaching, Small Business Coaching, Executive Coaching & Interactive Seminars. She is a joy to work with!

Wendy Yost

Coaching & Consulting

Every one of the light workers listed on this page are professionals of the highest quality that I have personally worked with.

I can honestly endorse each and every one of them through my personal experience of doing private sessions with each and coming to know their personal and professional integrity on a very personal level.

You can feel confident about working with everyone listed on this page - in fact I highly recommend it!

About These Professionals

Gil Alan

Christopher Pinckley

Author and Spiritual Life Coach

Author of ‘Reality Creation 101’, Christopher uses motivation and inspiration to fire up his clients, urging us all to lighten up, relax, laugh, and remember how much fun it is to be creative!  His number one goal is to help the world transcend the idea of limitation, something he has taught me first hand through our work together!

Vanessa M Rydquist

Usui Reiki Master Teacher

A Usui Reiki Master Teacher, A Certified Message Therapist, Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, Yoga teacher, and  Hoopnotica Certified Hoop instructor... Vanessa is a natural healer and energy worker! Although I do not Hoop, I have experienced her Reiki work and all I can say is.... Amazing!

Resources - Professional Services

Gail Baral

Business Coach & Life Coach

An incredible woman, entrepreneur, and intuitive in her own right, Gail is an exceptional Business Coach and Adviser. Her vast business experience and intuitive approach is razor sharp, she takes the impossible and makes it possible, all while keeping you connected to your heart.

Aaron is a certified BreathWork Instructor, teaching BreathWork circles and private sessions, helping people learn to become present and find peace, inspiration and rediscover their connection to Spirit. This is very powerful, I now teach it to my own clients! Check out his wonderful blog - and learn more about his work.

Aaron Goldberg

BreathWork Instructor

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