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How To Meditate Series

This 11 part series will take you through a vivid explanation of meditation experience.

This is a great series of videos produced by ‘Spiritual Reality’ that will take you on a journey through the overall meditation experience. Part 1 focuses on cosmic energy.

This is recommended viewing

for meditators of all levels -

Check it out and enjoy the journey - it’s well worth your time!

How To Meditate

Part 1

This section focuses on creating a conscious journey of meditation, and how to achieve proper posture and comfort.

How To Meditate

Part 2

How To Meditate

Part 3

Part 3 discusses breathing and thoughtlessness - reaching the thoughtless state, is the meditative state where you become one with the energy body, allowing the cosmic

energy to flow limitlessly.

This section is about receiving cosmic energy for improved mental health and physical health.

Here you will learn a bit about how meditation will help you to transcend the mind and body for higher memory power and higher understanding.

Part 6 explores the self and attaining wisdom with expanded consciousness. Activating the third eye.

Perceiving crystal clear visions of other frequencies through the third eye. Seeing the masters!

Perceiving through the astral body in the conscious state of meditation.

This section will discuss understanding the unlimited self and the new dimensions of life.

Part 10 deals with understanding the development of consciousness through the various stages of life.

Death and life after death. Finding the mind, body, spirit connection through meditation. Obtaining a higher understanding of the existence of the whole creation.

This section will have to be left up to interpretation. In my experience, when you leave your body, all beings eventually merge back into the oneness of all consciousness - it does not matter whether you are aware or unaware of the true workings of the universe.

How To Meditate

Part 4

How To Meditate

Part 5

How To Meditate

Part 6

How To Meditate

Part 7

How To Meditate

Part 8

How To Meditate

Part 9

How To Meditate

Part 10

How To Meditate

Part 11

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