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Through his international workshops and private sessions, Gil Alan empowers people all over the world to become their own source of guidance. Gil will teach you how to connect directly, on your own, to your Spirit Guides, then together in partnership with your guides, Gil will take you on a profound journey of self discovery and healing that will push the doors of your perception wide open!

Learning to communicate with your Spirit Guides is the fastest, most powerful, and effective way to step into the natural flow of your intuition, expand your foundation of self-love, raise your vibration, co-create with the universe, and completely heal and transform all areas of your life.

There is nothing you have to learn or study... the process is easy and seamless, it is simply a matter of allowing yourself to remember what you already know as you step into the omni-dimensional aspect of your infinite self!

There is nothing more powerful than learning how to take responsibility for your life and how to access the infinite flow of universal love and wisdom that is available to everyone.


Are You Ready For A Total Shift In Consciousness?

Teacher, Speaker, Writer & Author

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If you’re looking for a quick fix, this is not the place for you. If you are looking for someone else to give you the answers, you have taken a wrong turn. If you are blaming others for the events and circumstances in your life, then walk away.

But if you are ready to take responsibility for your own life and claim the divine magic that is your absolute right to experience, then you are in the right place and I am here to show you the way home!

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A New Approach For A New Paradigm

Read through articles 1 through 5 in this section to gain

a clearer understanding of Gil’s work and how this can not only expand your awareness, but catapult you into the realm of infinite possibility and truly change every aspect of your life.

In this 42 minute interview, Gil Alan joins Suzanne Radford and Samineh Shaheem live on Dubai Today to discuss connecting with your Inner Guidance, The Law of Attraction, Self Love, and The Heart vs The Rational Mind.

Pursuing a full time career and juggling the responsibilities of everyday life while trying to walk the spiritual path of ascension need not be all that challenging. Gil shares 10 Areas of Awareness that you can focus on that will lead you into greater expansion, self-love, and inner peace.

Reconnect to The Wisdom Of Your Heart With Your Spirit Guides Workshop

Ascension - What Is It And How Do You Get There?

For Gil’s Upcoming Book, The Other Side Of Now

Gil Alan On Tour In Dubai

In this Special 8 Week Live Online Workshop you are going to learn how to connect and communicate with your Inner Guidance through your Spirit Guides who will reconnect you to the wisdom of your heart. This special course is an unparalleled workshop experience that can absolutely transform your life! See the workshop page

Where did you come from? What brought you here? Your talents, attractions, inclinations, desires, dreams... where did they come from?  When you meet someone for the very first time, and you are struck by an overwhelming attraction or sense of familiarity, where do these feelings come from? Is it simply attraction, or is it something deeper?

Did you know you can easily connect to your Deceased Loved Ones on your own? Well you can - and it’s easier than you think. You don’t have to be a psychic or a medium - this is something YOU can do all on your own, and Gil will show you how! See the event details here