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If you want to find out more about how connecting to your Inner Guidance can change your life - then sign up for a 20 minute consultation.

We’ll discuss your personal situation in a private one-on-one consultation session.

Are you ready to move to the next

level? Do you want to experience

a total shift in consciousness?


If you are considering working with me, the first step is to schedule a Consultation, where we will discuss your individual needs and the challenges you are facing. Then I will be able to recommend the way we should work together.

Private Sessions Series                                                      $6,000

4 Private One-On-One sessions. This is a great package

that will give you a really strong foundation into understanding

yourself and being able to connect to the infinite wisdom

of your own your Inner Guidance. Includes personal follow-up

with me through email and phone for 45 days.

All Day Private Workshop                                                   $5,000

10 hours of concentrated one-on-one time.

This is a fantastic in-depth experience. These special

sessions can only be done in person. Includes

Lunch or dinner with me & limited follow-up with me

through email and phone for 45 days.

Half Day Private Workshop                                                 $2,800

5 hours of concentrated one-on-one time.

Includes limited follow-up with me through

email and phone for 30 days.

I Am No Longer Offering Single Sessions

For Inner Guidance Counseling

For this, I recommend Dr. Patricia Carrington                                     

Dr. Carrington has studied closely with me and is the only person I can

honestly say that I trust enough to send my own clients friends, and family to.

“Pat” people call her, has over 40 years experience as a leading

psychologist, pioneer in the field of Energy Psychology, EFT Founding

Master. And not only is she deeply connected to spirit herself, but she

has the passion, the curiosity, the drive, and commitment to this work

that takes it to a level you will not experience through any other practitioner

I know of. Dr. Carrington receives my highest recommendation!

For Single Session Inner Guidance Counseling please Go to

Dr. Carrington’s Website here: Go To Website

Sessions & Pricing

Private sessions can be purchased from the packages listed below but not limited to these, as all sessions and packages are customized on individual need.

When we work together I will be working with you on a very personal and intimate level. Although there are time limitations set for our sessions, I always stay with you until you get what is needed. This is why I offer follow-up time between us for all sessions and packages.

I also offer payment plans for those in need so feel free to ask about this during your consultation and we’ll discuss the options.

Click here for information regarding Refunds and Cancellations.

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Working Together

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