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Awaken Your Inner Guidance Workshop

Do I need any prior training to take this workshop?

There is no prerequisite or prior experience needed to have a great experience in this workshop. This teleseminar has been designed as an entry level experience to connecting to your spirit guides.

Can everyone connect to their Spirit Guides?

YES! Everyone can connect to their spirit guides. It takes no special ability or super powers. Being able to connect to spirit is innate to our very existence. In fact you have already been receiving messages from your spirit guides throughout your entire life, you just haven’t been aware of it.

What if I am not available at the scheduled time of the workshops?

All of the workshop classes are being recorded and will be available for download as MP3’s the day after the class, so if you miss a class you can simply download the MP3 and take the class when you are available.

Will it make any difference if I do not participate in the live

teleseminar and take the recorded classes at my own pace?

Listening to the downloaded recorded classes is pretty much the same as taking them live at the scheduled time. The only difference in participating live is that you would have an opportunity to ask Gil a question in real time. But you will have the same basic class experience in the guided journey and will still learn a lot during the Q & A section as you listen to Gil Answer questions from some of the class participants.

Is using my intuition the same thing as connecting to my Spirit Guides?

Yes and no! Your intuition is not the information you receive, it is a natural organic delivery system on which the information flows through to you. Your Spirit Guides are also a delivery system or method of bringing you information, but they are so much more. Your Spirit Guides are versions of you that are returning from your own soul journey. They represent pieces of who you are today and you can be much more conversational with them and create unique relationships with them in a way that the organic way your intuition works does not provide.

What is the difference between meditation and connecting to my Spirit Guides?

Meditation is a method of quieting the mind and entering a state of silence and stillness where you learn to become and observer rather than reactive. You can absolutely use the meditative state to communicate with your Spirit Guides, any other form of spirit, or explore other dimensions. But meditation is not necessary to communicate with your Spirit Guides or any form of Spirit - you can simply speak to spirit and interact with them. The way you will be learning to communicate with your Spirit guides in the workshop is very interactive.

What is the difference in how you teach people to connect to their spirit guides as opposed to how others methods?

I can get you there faster. The way I teach you how to connect to your Spirit Guides is natural and simple and does not involve any rituals, meditations, or visualization journeys - you simply speak to them. It’s as easy as speaking to a friend. You will be able to do this in any setting at any time.

How soon will I be able to start communicating with my Spirit Guides on my own?

It’s different for everyone as everyone has a slightly different experience and relationship with their guides. But for the most part, you will be communicating with your Spirit Guides on your own during the first week of your workshop experience. And your ability to communicate with them with grow stronger every week thereafter.

Will I need continued coaching after the workshop in order to maintain my connection to my Spirit Guides?

No... Once you experience what it feels like to make the connection and have practiced communicating with your Spirit Guides during the 5 week workshop - you will be able to to duplicate the experience on your own. In fact, even if you never reach out to communicate with your Spirit Guides ever again, the fact that you made the initial connection with them during the workshop will have opened your channel and raised your vibration, and you will become aware of messages and information flowing in to you from a variety of sources.

How do I trust the information from my Spirit Guides and know I am not just making it up in my own mind?

This is different for everyone. Experience is always the best teacher. So the more you use the wisdom and advice your Spirit Guides are offering you, you will see that it always serves you in the highest way possible. Trust is the foundation of all relationships... without it you have nothing. So you must begin from a place of trust, build upon it, and work from there. We will go over these things during the workshop.

Is there a next step or another level to go to after this?

Your Spirit Guides are capable of taking you to as many different levels as you want to explore - and you can do this on your own with them. The universe meets you at the level you show up at! So if you show up excited and eager and curious to learn more, you will be provided with more. Everything I have learn that I teach today I have learned from my Spirit Guides. The whole idea of teaching people to connect to their inner guidance through their Spirit Guides is so you can become your own source of guidance. But with that said... I will be providing other workshops in the future that go deeper and you can always work with me privately or others that offer more extensive training and teachings.

Is there a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes... we do offer a limited time money back guarantee. For exact details please click on this link to read about the details:  Money Back Guarantee Details

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