A simple journey that began as a short trip to the airport to greet a stranger became an unexpected adventure of the heart that completely transformed my perspective of who we are and why we are here.

Who We Are

By Gil Alan

A detailed accounting and true story of how my mother reached out to me from the other side after her death. Not only did she make contact, but our communication became the catalyst for my awakening and my journey into a multi-dimensional reality.

Making Contact

By Gil Alan

While vacationing in Montana, I experienced one of the most humbling and hauntingly beautiful moments in my life, as I unexpectedly crossed paths with the spirit of a young boy who returned on the one year anniversary of his death to deliver a very special message to his family.

The Boy In The Woods

By Gil Alan

Hope, Belief, and Knowing, are three very distinct states of awareness that each hold their own level of vibration. It is important to understand each of these from a energetic point of view as well as the purpose they serve in order to transcend the confines of your mind.

A beautiful article written by Eckhart Tolle that looks beneath the surface of form in order to reveal the simple life truth of living in the present moment and finding your true self.

Deeper Than Thought

By Eckhart Tolle

Here are 10 easy to follow techniques that will help you align with the higher vibrational frequency of the New Earth. These incredibly simple yet powerful techniques will guide you to accepting responsibility and becoming the master of your own life.

Have you ever wondered where those gut feelings and intuition comes from? Lori Wilson explains the natural human resource of intuitive wisdom and guidance and how to access it through better understanding and practice.

This simple meditation will help you unlock the secrets of what you have chosen to experience in this life through the intricate plans you made before birth while in spirit form on the other side.

Too many people in this world suffer from the anxiety and unhappiness of unfulfilled dreams. A dream that stays nestled safely within the inner workings of your mind will never become anything more than a fantasy to entertain you as an escape from your current reality.

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Angels Everywhere

By Gil Alan

A true story that exemplifies the existence of earth angels in the least likely of situations.  Angels are truly everywhere - they walk among us - and sometimes we just need to show our hearts to each other through honesty and kindness in order to see more clearly.

When I first started channeling before I began working with people in person and connecting them to their own Spirit Guides, I would answer their questions through written channels. These sample channels are from real channeled sessions that my clients have agreed to make public for everyone’s benefit - enjoy!

Written Channels

By Gil Alan

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This story is just one example of how your Spirit Guides can work with you to uncover the truth of a situation and offer healing. Not all challenges we face in our lives originate from a past life or parallel life experience - but this is such a fascinating story I felt it was a great example of the profound insights our Spirit Guides can offer.

Together Again

By Gil Alan

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