The Departed

After spending six years of watching my mother deteriorate from Alzheimer’s, my sister and I thought we were ready to see her go. There times when we actually prayed for her to die. In fact, at one point, I actually toyed with the idea of killing her myself to speed up the process. It was beyond brutal to watch her suffer the way she did and killing her seemed like the only humane thing to do. But I didn’t. And when she finally passed away, the loss hit us much harder than we could have ever anticipated.

Although it was a blessing that she had finally been released from all the pain and torment of her disease… we were never going to see her again, we would never enjoy her company, laugh at her corny jokes, feel the touch of her skin, or see her beautiful smile. The end had come and it was disturbingly finite.

Three months later… the grieving process was beginning to take it’s toll on me.  I was withdrawn and depressed, and felt somewhat paralyzed to move forward with my life. People were worried about me and I was beginning to worry about myself. I decided to hire a therapist to help me deal with my grief and regain my balance. It seemed like the reasonable thing to do.

But shortly after entering therapy, some very bizarre and unexplainable things began happening, which ultimately lead me to feel that my mother was trying to make contact. Sometimes ‘Reasonable’ is a lot farther from the truth than we choose to acknowledge.

About Me - My Awakening

There is nothing within your personal experience, that does not, in its own way, point toward the reality of who and what you are.

Making Contact

I finally made an appointment with a medium named, Rebecca Rosen, and to my absolute shock, not only did I make contact with my mother, but I found out my mother had manipulated all the bizarre occurrences I was experiencing in order to get me to the medium. It was amazing to say the least! In the several sessions I had with Rebecca, I found out more about my mother through her death than I knew of her when she was alive.

But the greatest thing of all, was that my mother was still very much alive! True… she no longer had a human body or existed in this dimension, but she was alive in spirit and I could still communicate and share with her – I just had to learn a new form of communication! I had so many questions about what she was doing and what life was like on the other side – my mother could tell how fascinated I was by all of it and she recommended I read a book called, “Journey Of Souls.”

Past Lives And Beyond

Through the “Journey Of Souls” book I began to learn about past lives, life on the other side, and reincarnation. This eventually led me to Linda Gabriel, a wonderful hypnotherapist who took me through a “Past Life” regression, and also through a “Life Between Life” regression. Visiting one of my past lives was an experience beyond words. I had always accepted the idea of reincarnation, it seemed highly plausible and probable, but after experiencing my own past life there was no longer any doubt whatsoever in my mind or heart.

The “Life Between Life” regression transported me to life “Beyond The Veil” and I was again reunited with my mother, but this time, unlike using a medium to communicate, we were communicating directly one on one as I was now in the same conscious dimension as her. I could see her, touch her, and talk to her without the use of a go-between.

I also saw the people in my primary soul group, which was fascinating, but there was one person who I could not identify that was cloaked in the shadows because they had not come into my life yet, and my guides were not about to reveal their identity. But as things played out, this mysterious stranger was soon to make a major appearance and enter my life. I had never really fully believed in angels or spirit guides before, but during this session I was lucky enough to meet two of my spirit guides for the first time and I was now a believer!  

This whole experience with Linda Gabriel and my regressions into past lives and to the other side was so incredibly liberating, I was now beginning to feel my overall awareness expanding to a level I never thought possible…  And I wanted more! I frequently would awaken in the morning to someone calling my name. It was so clear I would often jump out of bed and go to the door or window to see who was calling me… but no one was ever there.

Enter The Stranger

About six months later I met Francisco. We quickly became friends and there was an immediate connection that went so deep for me and I had no explanation for it. I could not understand how it was possible to care about someone so intensely when I barely knew them. I was feeling some sense of past life history between us but it wasn’t very clear. For weeks I would continually wonder how this was possible and wondered who we really were to each other and what it all meant. Apparently someone had been listening to my thoughts because one morning just as I awoke and sat up in bed, they started talking to me as clearly as if they were sitting next to me! I didn’t really know who “They” were, but they were talking to me nonetheless, and I was listening!

I was awestruck as I listened to them reveal that Francisco was my teacher and always has been, that we had traveled through thousands of life times together - That he would always appear in my life when I was ready to move to the next level and give me the needed push forward in whatever form was appropriate. They told me that he was prophetic and that this time around he and I had contracted for me to help and assist him in his awakening and to be here to support him in whatever way he needed. They also gave me messages for several other people and told me to get up and call each one of them right away… which I did.

As I thought about the information they revealed about Francisco, I realized it was true. He had come into my life just when I was ready to move to the next level, and once again pushed me forward. He had opened me up to new perspectives on life that expanded my awareness ten fold, as well as awakened me further to my past lives. Shortly after that “They” returned, offering me glimpses into several different past lives I had lived with Francisco, and each one was very telling of how he functioned as my teacher to move me forward.

I was completely blown away by all of this. I wasn’t exactly sure who it was that I was connecting with that was giving me all this information, but I knew it was spirit in some form and something major was happening.

I was also having some trouble sleeping at this time. Several times I would awaken and find that someone’s name was on my mind. I didn’t understand why I would have this person’s name roaming around my head, so I would go to the computer and Google their name and ultimately find that the person had died.

The Initiation Begins

It was probably about another three or four months later, I was feeling a lack of motivation and direction and was in need of some clarity and focus. I had read an article written by Peggy Black, that Francisco had posted on a MySpace bulletin. I really resonated with what she had to say, so I went to check out her website. I noticed that Peggy also gave phone readings and I immediately scheduled a session with her to get some guidance.

My reading with Peggy was great – she really helped me to get motivated and clear again. She also explained that the voices that had been speaking to me were my most likely my spirit guides – and they were helping me to awaken. But it was at the very end of the reading that she told me the strangest thing… she said that I could give readings to other people like she did. I thought this was funny and I told her I thought it seemed a little far fetched… that I never had clairvoyant abilities other than the normal intuition that most people experience from time to time.

But Peggy insisted that I could do this. She explained that I was a visionary born with an extreme sensitivity as a child but that my life experience over time had pushed it into a dormant state. Peggy’s team of guides were confirming that I was awakening and moving into a higher awareness, and it was right around the corner. Peggy asked me to keep an open mind and just consider it as a possibility – and to let her know if anything happened.

That same night, I was writing an email to my friend Charlie who had recently lost a very close friend of hers to cancer. No sooner was I several minutes into the email, when Charlie’s deceased friend shows up and starts talking to me! I could vaguely see this person’s image in my mind and I could hear and feel his words at the same time. I realized he was trying to send a message to Charlie so I didn’t stop to question any of this but continued on with the email, typing out everything I could comprehend. What I couldn’t understand through words or feeling, he acted out for me like playing a game of charades – it was amazing.

After typing out the entire message, I sat there looking at the email and wondered whether I had just experienced making contact with the dead, or I was on the verge of checking myself into a psychiatric ward. I sent the email to Charlie and hoped she would take it to heart and not send a team of paramedics over to have me restrained.

I contacted Peggy Black immediately and told her about what happened. She was thrilled! She also explained that my guides that were helping me to open up and expand my awareness and they wanted me to make direct contact with them. Peggy urged me to begin a ‘Guide Journal’ where I spend time writing everyday – asking questions of my guides and writing down their response. But I kept putting this off for some reason. She also suggested daily mediation, which I also put off.

In the following weeks I was making more contact with spirit as I connected with the deceased love ones of my friends. They were mostly very brief visits, with scattered pieces of information here and there. I also continued receiving messages from my guides to deliver to others. I was beginning to adjust to this new spiritual connection and communication, and I welcomed it fully.

The Visitor

About one month later, I was taking a bath one night when out of the blue I heard a woman say, “Tell him to do whatever he wants with the money.” Just out of pure reflex I said, “What?” And she replied, “I said, tell him to do whatever he wants with the money.” I asked who it was, and she replied, “Jack’s mother.”  I realized my neighbor Jack’s mother Anne, had died several weeks earlier but apparently she was back! And this woman was not taking ‘NO’ for an answer. She instructed me to get out of tub right away and go next door and deliver her message. And I did. But it wasn’t until several days later that I realized that Anne had actually returned on the evening of Mother’s Day to deliver her first message to her son. Not only did I find that ironic, but the synchronicity of the event was actually quite moving and beautiful.

My communication with Anne was to continue for several more weeks. Now that we had established our initial meeting, Anne would often pop in to visit and talk to me while I was taking a bath. I finally told her my bath time was off limits and I would connect with her later and write down all her messages at once... Which I did.

I didn’t see Anne again until the day of her memorial service. It was a beautiful service and she showed up dressed to the nines looking absolutely fabulous! I wished everyone at the service could have seen what I did. That night Anne returned once more so I could write out her final message to her son. It was a beautiful heart felt letter of a mother’s love and wisdom. We said our good-byes and she was gone. I will always be grateful to Anne, because she was my first contact where we had a continuing back and forth exchange of extreme clarity. She was a very determined woman and soul.

The Awakening Continues

I decided it was time to begin meditating and start my guide journaling process. My first attempts at meditating were a struggle and I could not hold my focus for more than a few minutes if even that, but I kept at it. Finally one day I had a relaxed in to it and had my first real meditation - it was huge emotional release. I think I cried through the entire 45 minutes.

After my meditation I sat down at the computer and began my first guide journal. I didn’t know what to expect. I typed out a question to my guides and within seconds they were responding while I simultaneously typed out their answers. It was amazing to say the least! They answered every question with such completeness and clarity that I was simply stunned at the ease of this process. When I asked my guides how this could possibly be so easy, they said that I had been ready to communicate for a long time and they were merely waiting for me to begin the process.

The word soon got out that I was in contact with spirit and could channel their messages - And it wasn’t long before people began calling and writing me to have their questions answered. I never refused a request and the spirits never refused to be of service. I was touched on a very deep and profound level by every channel I wrote, and so were the people who received them. It didn’t take me very long to realize that I was being called into service with this incredible opportunity. How could I resist? I decided to answer the call.

The Work

I started out by doing written channels for people that were a combination of deeply personal messages from their guides as well as my own guides. Some people had begun inquiring about having an in-person reading but I was way to uneasy about that - the thought of having some stranger sitting in front of me and having to give them a reading was way too scary! I was content with doing written channels.

But things were evolving too fast and my guides were urging me to work with people in person. So I took the plunge. And this changed everything!  At first it was a bit scary working with people in person, but that soon passed and I got use to it and actually really enjoyed it. It wasn’t long before I realized that I had an ability to see deep within people - I would uncover the core of their personal issues, the areas that were blocking them and holding them back from truly moving forward.

One day I was informed by my guides that spirit guides are past, present, and future versions of ourselves. I wasn’t sure I understood the concept at first and I searched the internet and books to confirm the information, but found nothing. I thought about this long and hard, and came to the conclusion that if our guides were indeed versions of ourselves, then the lives of each of these guides must be very telling for us on multiple levels. But at that point in time it was all just speculation and nothing to confirm the information about our guides or the importance of their past lives.

Then one day I had a client come for a reading and right before we got started she asked me if it was true that our spirit guides are past, present, and future versions of ourselves! I was completely startled. I asked her where she read this or heard of it, and she told me it was just something that came to her a few days prior to her reading and she wanted to ask me about it. I knew this was a sign. I asked her if she was willing to forego the reading and try something different. She agreed.

I didn’t even know what I was doing at first but somehow I managed to connect her to her spirit guides and they began speaking directly to her. Each of her guides explained how they were here to serve her and specifically what they would each work with her on in order to help her grow. Then we explored each of the guides lives when they were alive as her and she as them. It was more than obvious how each of the lifetimes completely aligned to what my client was going through in her present life. At the end of the session, her guides told me I should not go back to doing standard readings, that this was the new way forward, and that the work was just beginning. My client was blown away... and so was I.

That same night another client had come for a reading, and I asked her if she would like to try something different. I explained a little of what I wanted to do, not giving her too much information, and she was eager to try it. It worked again! And this time we went even deeper then with the previous client. Again I was blown away and so was the client. These sessions were incredibly powerful because the information coming through was not only undeniably astounding, but it was empowering! By gaining a greater understand of their lives today and opening up windows of possibilities they had never seen, these people were now empowered to set themselves free - to release all the unnecessary baggage that had been holding them back for lifetimes.

I knew after this these two sessions that this was indeed the new way forward and I was not looking back! I stopped giving readings and writing channels because I knew the real work was in empowering people to help themselves, to show them how to connect to their own guides and develop their own intuitive abilities while accessing their higher-selves and their own connection to the collective consciousness. I am truly grateful to all my clients and friends who have had the courage to discover the truth about who they really are... it isn’t an easy thing to do, but to know one’s true self, is to know the universe and that which powers it.

What my mother could not do for me in life, she more than made up for after death. My beautiful mother has been guiding me every step of the way and assisting my guides and angels in facilitating my awakening… and I am eternally grateful.

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